Lars Larson: President Obama’s plan for jobs is not much of a plan

President Obama’s plan for jobs doesn’t sound like much of a plan and it sounds like a lot more borrowed money.

You know we’ve had some time to absorb what the President said in his State of the Union Address and I’m not terribly impressed.

The President says that he knows the number one issue for Americans is jobs. Well, thank goodness he realized it, only a year after he was elected to the Presidency. He wasted most of last year in that vain and invalid attempt to try to force government into health care, into illegal alien amnesty and into a cap and trade scheme to make electric prices skyrocket.

Now he’s finally got the message that jobs are the big concern. The problem is he’s also talking about cutting back on government spending in one area while at the same time increasing it by more than that amount in another area.

Government jobs programs never seem to produce jobs that actually stick around. It doesn’t sound like much of a plan. I don’t think it’s going to go anywhere. The President needs to further refine that message.

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