Executive Club Tonight: Allen Alley

Time for a Capitalist for our Capitol?

The February meeting features this front-runner for the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor. Unlike the continuous string of economically illiterate Governors who have afflicted Oregon since the end of Vic Atiyeh’s term, this gubernatorial candidate has actual real-world experience starting and growing businesses. Allen Alley maintains that his 30 years of experience at creating jobs and running enterprises which compete in a competitive global economy makes him the best pick to formulate state budgets.Be at this meeting to hear if Alley deserves the support of those of us long for a leader who will act to reverse the explosive growth of the government class. Hear Allen speak on his innovative idea to “Tax the Government” and how he envisions a more prosperous Oregon.

Oregon Executive Club Speaker Series
6:00 pm, Wed, Feb. 3rd, Portland Airport Shilo