Battle over jobs plan begins in Capitol

Oregonians deserve more than stop-gap jobless benefits
By Oregon Senate Republicans,

Salem, OR — Senate Republicans voted to pass an extension of jobless benefits to unemployed Oregonians on Friday, but urged their colleagues to finally take action and end the unemployment pandemic afflicting Oregon. More than 209,000 Oregonians are unable to find work in this blighted economy. “To come along side and help some of the Oregonians who are without a job is the very least we can do,” said Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro). “The long-term answer for struggling Oregon families isn’t another government check, it is a thriving economy that creates jobs and offers the opportunity for employment and advancement.” Despite loudly declaring last session “The Jobs Session[1],” Democrats have little to show for their efforts. Since January of last year, when the first borrow-and-spend stimulus plan passed the legislature, Oregon has hemorrhaged another 50,000 jobs. Meanwhile, Democrats borrowed hundreds of millions of dollars, raised $1.4 billion in new taxes and fees and increased government spending by more than 9%.

“Maybe President Courtney got his talking points mixed up; last session should have been “˜The Spending Spree Session,'” said Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “Oregon families continue to wonder how they are going to find long term employment in an environment that seems to have nothing but disdain for the businesses that put people to work.”

While Democrats have been quick to label their government spending programs as job creation, measures that would have helped to foster a nourishing economic environment have been left to gather dust. Job-creating ideas proposed over the past year include:

“¢ The Main Street Incentive Plan
“¢ Reconnecting Oregon’s tax code to the federal tax code
“¢ Capital gains reform
“¢ Tax cuts for the working class
“¢ Reducing the withholding tables to stimulate spending
“¢ Adoption of the Western Oregon Plan Revision
“¢ Stabilizing Oregon’s banking system by freeing up working capital
“¢ Rolling back overreaching Oregon regulations to match federal regulations

Republicans have also maintained that simply reigning in spending and slowing the growth of government would free businesses to grow and invest.