Rep. Post: Slow justice shouldn’t penalize injury victims

postjusticeState Representative Bill Post on HB 3101: Slow Justice shouldn’t penalize injury victims
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation,

State Representative Bill Post has sponsored House Bill 3101 that protects accident injury victims from collection agencies while they are awaiting a legal action for the payments of their bills. The bill originated from a constituent horror story involving a family whose daughter was struck by a driver and hospitalized. As with most accident the family faced medical bills that were staggering. She took her case to court to recover medical expenses from the driver. Unfortunately, collection agencies were demanding immediate payments while the daughter was still going through the gradual process of the Justice system. Favorable judgments and settlements are common in accident cases but they can come far too late for many financially strapped citizens who cannot afford to wait.

Representative Post bill, HB 3101, requires collection agencies to be at the same pace of the Justice System to allow the victim to have more time. The bill prohibits health care providers from collecting or transfer the patient’s debt under a certain period of time. The bill prevents health care providers from reporting to credit report agencies that the patient is delinquent until the legal action is settled.

Representative Post said, “Slow Justice shouldn’t penalize injury victims. There needs to be some basic protections and HB 3101 would provide such help.”

— Read the full text of House Bill 3101 here.