The Who Rocked Our World

The Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring The Who, was the highlight of an otherwise mundane game. Sure, there was a successful surprise onside kick, an interception returned for a touchdown, a record-tying 32 pass completions, etc., etc., but nothing could match the return of the stars of rock-and-roll, The Who.

Their taut performance, with perfect pitch, great showmanship, and extraordinary guitar, drum, and organ playing literally stole the show. The laser lights, fireworks, and the pulsating ring of light surrounded these icons of rock only added to their performance — never upstaging these kings of rock and roll. From their well-chosen outfits to their non-stop song fest, these Brits brought the house to its feet. The magic behind their Super Bowl performance proved once again that rock and roll never dies.

A bevy of past hits, made even more exciting by the live venue, rocked our world and reminded us, once again, of why we love The Who. They are to rock and roll what the Saints are to football. The best team ever!

I salute The Who for giving Americans what they need during these tough times of record unemployment, debt, and malaise. A reason to stand and cheer.