The Who Rocked Our World

The Super Bowl Halftime Show, featuring The Who, was the highlight of an otherwise mundane game. Sure, there was a successful surprise onside kick, an interception returned for a touchdown, a record-tying 32 pass completions, etc., etc., but nothing could match the return of the stars of rock-and-roll, The Who.

Their taut performance, with perfect pitch, great showmanship, and extraordinary guitar, drum, and organ playing literally stole the show. The laser lights, fireworks, and the pulsating ring of light surrounded these icons of rock only added to their performance — never upstaging these kings of rock and roll. From their well-chosen outfits to their non-stop song fest, these Brits brought the house to its feet. The magic behind their Super Bowl performance proved once again that rock and roll never dies.

A bevy of past hits, made even more exciting by the live venue, rocked our world and reminded us, once again, of why we love The Who. They are to rock and roll what the Saints are to football. The best team ever!

I salute The Who for giving Americans what they need during these tough times of record unemployment, debt, and malaise. A reason to stand and cheer.

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  • Richard

    Crisis in the Church.

    Hell no longer exist.

    The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl and Hell just froze over.

    Reply form one of my friends: “so that why Satan was in line at Walmart, trying to by a snow blower”

  • eagle eye

    Those old guys trying to act like they’re still 25? I thought it all looked kind of off balance. Kind of like when old people try to dance with the young. Sort of like if George Foreman tried to make another boxing comeback. Sort of like seniors’ golf. Still way way better than average, but not what we remembered! The only exception: Tom Watson in the British Open last year. But even that didn’t work in the end. Alas.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I was stunned. frankly they looked and sounded way better than I would have thought. I have no idea who their new drummer is but I thought he really did a nice job. I know right after Keith Moon died the Who had Kenny Jones from Small Faces to take over, but I don’t think that was him.

    The sheer technical achievement of making a stage like that, Getting it on and off the field as fast as they did and having it all work was just amazing. Frankly they just could have hauled that stage on the field, plugged it in for half an hour, and that alone would have been a better half time show than idiocy like Janet Jackson and Cool Dollar Bill G Money Diamond or whatever.

    I wish whoever made that stage was running the country. Those guys can actually do something.

    I try and watch at least a large portion of the Super Bowl every year to see if professional sports will somehow “take” with me. Usually I kind of enjoy the game, but in general I absolutely detest professional sports. However that was a show that truly rocked.

  • Anonymous

    The new drummer is the son of Ringo Starr.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Wow! Did not know that. Considering Starr and Moons relationship that’s kind of cool. Im not sure there are two people I would have rather gone drinking with than those two.

  • Anonymous

    The music part of their act was spot on. But the singing?OMG!!! Pitch perfect? Not in this life. Maybe 30 years ago but those days are long gone.Roger Daltry is fat and wears glasses, for Christ sake.

    • Anonymous

      Half the time Pete Townsend wasn’t even playing his guitar. He was pantomiming.

  • valley p

    I cold almost hear those guys creaking across the stage. Hard to watch. I was wondering if anyone had jumper cables ready. Teen age wasteland? More like Elastic waist band.

  • Dan

    Hey….anything is better than watching The Boss try to knee-slide across the stage last year during “Born to Run.” Talk about an old croaker…he looked like an amalgamation of Metamucil, Ben Gay and Centrum Silver, held together with leather pants that NO seputgenarian should ever be forced to wear.

    We all get older and we all get old. Same with our heroes. The key is to do it with grace. Fighting it just makes us look stupid and out of touch. We can still rage against the dying of the light…but not on the stage at halftime.

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