Poll: Oregonians opposed to earned time extension

New poll says Oregonians opposed to earned time extension
By Senate Republican Office:

Salem, OR – A new poll from Moore Information indicates that Oregonians would support a repeal of the 30% earned time law passed last session. The law, sponsored by Senator Floyd Prozanski (D-Eugene), Senator Chip Shields (D-Portland) and supported by Democrat leadership in the House and Senate, has allowed violent offenders guilty of felonies like home invasion, car theft, and encouraging child sexual abuse, to receive up to a 30% reduction in their sentence, turning Oregon’s criminal justice system into a program of “catch and release.” The previous limit was a 20% earned time credit.

“Oregonians need to know that they are safe in their homes, and that their children are safe in their neighborhoods,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “The thirty percent earned time law installs a revolving door in our prison system.”
The survey, conducted February 3-4 among a sample of 500 registered Oregon voters, says that 52% of Oregon voters would favor outright repeal of the 30% earned time law and returning to the 20% level, while just 37% were opposed. The survey also learned that 61% of voters would oppose a legislator who voted for the 30% earned time law.

State Attorney General John Kroger is on record favoring a 15% earned time law. The legislature is currently considering tweaks to the earned time law.