Media reports Democrat seek revenge over tax vote

Tax Opponents Punished for Doing “What They Thought is Right”

Emotions Run High”¦
“”˜There is no doubt that as we convene here in between the January referenda campaign and the November legislative elections that emotions are running high,’ said Hunt, a Democrat and key figure in the tax increase campaign.”
(Lawmakers back in Salem, Tim Fought, Associated Press, 2/2/2010)

“¦As Democratic Leaders Seek Payback Over Ballot Measures.
“Lobbyists and business officials say House Democratic leadership is engaging in a campaign of payback against lobbyists and industries who opposed the tax increases approved by voters last month.”
(Area Lobbyist Among those Alleging a Tax Vote Vendetta, Nick Budnick, The Bulletin, 2/9/2010)
“˜Have You Fired Him Yet?’
“[Lobbyist Mark] Nelson says Hunt and other lawmakers have contacted at least four or five of his clients, starting during the campaign. He said Hunt sent clients e-mails noting that Nelson was opposing the taxes they relied on for funding; Hunt then asked one client in a follow-up e-mail, “˜Have you fired him yet?’ Nelson said.”
(Area Lobbyist Among those Alleging a Tax Vote Vendetta, Nick Budnick, The Bulletin, 2/9/2010)

“˜Payback Politics’ Drives the February Agenda.
“It’s not just Nelson making the allegations. On Monday, a similar claim was made in a hearing about a bill that would give credit unions equal standing with banks in competing to be repositories for public funds. Banks were a key supporter of the opposition campaign, contributing $150,000.

“Raymond Davis, the president and CEO of Umpqua Bank, faulted “˜political gamesmanship’ and said that the bill, because it was introduced without notice or surprise, appeared to be payback.

“”˜People in Salem have stated that this bill is being quickly brought to a vote in retribution to Oregon bankers taking a position against Measures 66 and 67. I ask the question: Pay back for what? For standing up and voicing their opinion, for doing what they thought was right?'”
(Area Lobbyist Among those Alleging a Tax Vote Vendetta, Nick Budnick, The Bulletin, 2/9/2010)

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  • Anonymous

    “Newspaper reporter sits around, makes up ridiculous story to sell papers.”
    (Oregon Catalyst, Comments Section, 2/9/10)

  • Mark

    They should get revenge. These people who tried to stop the state from getting the money it needs are bad citizens.
    I hope the dems succeed on this one.

    • Pinkie French

      Really, bad citizens for demand that the legislature do its job? YOU know Mark, there is still a funding problem, these measures did nothing except kick the can down the road. Hell, the unions were out the very next morning saying how this is still not enough money. WTF is wrong with people that know only one trick? Raising taxes, pretty soon, Mark, there will be no one left to raise them on…

      • Mark

        There is only a funding problem because there is a spending problem.

  • John Fairplay

    Elections have consequences. Politics is all about rewarding your friends and punishing your enemies. If business thought the Democrats were only going to come after them with new taxes in 66 & 67, I have some news for them: Democrats are not, have not been, and never will be your friends. They want to take away everything you have and leave you with no function other than as the tax collector for the welfare state they are creating. Business allowed this to happen by supporting individuals like Dave Hunt for public office over the past few decades and trying to appease their own murderers. The suffering is going to be truly epic.

    • sybella

      Unfortunately those of us who didn’t support the likes of Dave Hunt must die too because of it

  • Kitanis

    Apparently the Democrats wish to use strong arm tactics to those using their first amendment rights under the US Constitution and the Article 1, Section 8 of the Oreogn Contitution.. and chooses to hold those who were against the measures as “shall be responsible for the abuse of this right” portion.

    This is absurd when you think about it.. It is a tactic that should spread fear in EACH and every Oregon citizen.. but thanks to the attempts to dumb down the electorate.. it will only annoy the few.


      Don’t be dismayed…each and every Oregon citizen WILL now about this…

      The democrats have a problem especially if they win as they’re going to “get even” with the people that oppose them. Reminds me of someone in the oval office who’s first words to the opposing party was: “we can get something done if you stop listening to Rush Limbaugh”…I would like to know just who in the Republican Congress and Senate listens to Limbaugh…and then low and behold…MA came in like a rolling stone and now look what’s happened to those democrats who had it all..they can’t even accept their own failure but blame everything on someone else.

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