Atkinson watch

Check out Senator Jason Atkinson taking over the cover of Southern Oregon Magazine:

In Atkinson related legislative news, the Senator has had a successful session to date. The Senate took action last week to override the Governor’s veto of an Atkinson bill designed to promote fish hatchery health. And Atkinson has been stirring things up by demanding an end to taxation of the unemployed. His name has also been rumored as a potential challenger for Senator Ron Wyden.

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  • Anonymous

    I’d love to see Jason take on Wyden – but he already dropped out of the governor’s race due to family/health problems. Would he be up to that campaign?

    • Rob DeHarpport

      I have been hoping that someone makes a run at Wyden. From the comments that I heard after a couple of his town halls (and my own impressions) no one was very impressed with our senior Senator.

  • RT Howard

    Are you kidding? Atkinson against Wyden? Just what the Mississippi of the great North West needs!

    Another, blue bleeding, green fiend.

    Lets, have Velodrome of a race! Green verses Greener Green. Like WOW!

    Atkinson isn’t appetizing as a state Senator, let alone a national Senator.

    Isn’t time to get rid of Jason?

    • Greg Brandeis

      No, it is not time to get rid of Jason.

      I understand, Mr. Howard, that you’re interested in trying to make a “Crimson pure GOP”, but trying to undermine Atkinson is nothing more that a fool’s errand.

      Frankly, I’m not interested in Crimson pure. I’m more interested in getting rid of Wyden, and if Atkinson is the guy to do it, then by all means it should happen.

      Then again, Mr. Howard, you really haven’t done anything to convince the rest of us that Atkinson is bad. Why don’t you nut up and run against Atkinson? And don’t give me this “I’m not in his district” BS. Move to Grants Pass and run against him, if you’re man enough.

  • Anonymous


    Strongly anti-tax
    Strongly anti-spending
    Strongly pro-capilatist
    Strongly pro-gun
    Strongly pro-life
    Strongly pro-limited government
    Strongly pro-border enforcement
    Strongly pro-drilling
    Strongly pro-Israel
    Strongly anti-terrorists
    Strongly anti-cap and tax

    Atkinson is a fervent tea partier.

    And yes, I know Jason personally as well as professionally. None of this is an act. So what’s not to like?

    OK, so Jason is a little bike happy. Everyone needs a hobby and a pet project. This much I can live with. It’s not like he wants anyone to build a bridge to nowhere, or an airport with his name on it.

    And yes, Jason likes a clean environment. You know what? SO DO I. So do most people. The difference between Jason and the greens? Jason thinks we can enjoy the benefits of an industrialized society while minimizing pollution, whereas the greens think we must eliminate industry at all costs. Here, Jason demonstrates common sense that we should all be able to agree with.

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