Mind boggling Budget numbers!

Take a look at the General Fund budget numbers by program area (found in Governor’s budget P-5):

More budget info below:

As you can see, there are huge increases in programs in key agencies like Human Resources and Public Safety going up well over 20% each. With public safety going up over 20%, it begs the question, why a $24 million car insurance tax to pay for more troopers when the budget is already growing by $200 million without the tax? Why include Kulongoski’s cigarette tax increase (+84 cents) which might backlash? The budget also includes two types of business taxes — corporate minimum and raiding the business kicker.

Even lesser important agencies like Economic Development are witnessing a 72% budget growth.

Keep in mind, these budget numbers do not factor in Federal funds, so each amount is greater In fact, the whole all-funds budget is $49.2 billion!!!!

(Note: Some numbers may appear to be slightly different than other published budget numbers, some even published in the same budget book. This is due to a number of factors. Also all numbers are based on Oregon’s 2-year budget cycle.)

  • Republicans got what they deserve

    This is too funny. Remember the reason for Republicans conservatives to sit home or vote democrat was due the lack of fiscal responsibility, Ted budget says the joke is on you.

  • Jason

    The people get the government the vote for .

    ….except when voter fraud takes place.

    • Richard

      I do not think voter fraud I was the issue. I am a precinct person in one of Everett Curry’s district. I was told there were 35,000 voters yet the total was around 12,000. Once I get a hold of more info to do a more detailed study, I believe it will prove my thesis that Republicans sat this one out.

  • Jason

    Some Polling Data that may b e helpful:

    Nationwide, compared to 2004, Liberal turn-out was the same (21%), but conservative turn-out dropped by -2% (32%). Independents swung big to the Democrat party by wide margins for the first time in 10 years. Wall Street Journal 11-9-06

    Oregon Democrat voter turn-out greatly outpaced Republicans for the first time since 1964 for a general election. Associated Press 11-10-06.

  • Jerry

    The budget numbers are a complete joke. This is Ted’s way of ending the kicker – plain and simple – believe me, there is no way they need that much money. Why are all the increases far, far more than the inflation rate? Can’t these people budget.
    It is very sad, pathetic, and disappointing to have such simple minded fools running our state government.

  • John Fairplay

    you think this is bad, wait until 2009-11, when the figure to be rolled up is $15 billion. the next recession is going to be hilarious. they’ll need a $3 billion tax increase just to keep spending level. one wonders if we shouldn’t just let them destroy the state and see if people can finally learn the lesson.

  • Jerry

    I would say they already have destroyed the state.

  • Steven Plunk

    It would have ben nice to have these budget figures before the election. Out of control spending like this would have swayed many voters toward the spending cap.

    I do expect these figures to come down through the session. They are simply unsupportable by logical people.

    • eagle eye

      Right, the spending cap! What did it lose by, 72-28? Maybe it would have been 70-30?

      • Steven Plunk

        More important than the actual numbers is the exposing of the anti-cap side’s argument as nonsense. 20% increases show the clear need for a control mechanism for spending. Just a little honesty in what they are all about.

        • Anonymous

          of course! because you and the state and everyone else can control the rising cost of healthcare, and steel and all those other goodies that ROUTINELY rise much faster than inflation! that makes perfect sense!

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