Join Taxpayer Rally on Capitol Steps Today!

Taxpayer Groups to Host Rally on Capitol Steps!
By Jeff of Rebuild Oregon

On Monday February 15th over a thousand Oregonians will gather on the steps of the Capitol with a unified message, “we want less!” The passage of Measures 66 and 67 sent a strong message to business owners and taxpayers that Oregon is closed for businesses. Oregon families and businesses will gather to ask the Legislature and the Governor to avoid the temptation to raise additional taxes, including stealing the “kicker”. Rather the legislature should focus on reducing the tax and regulatory burden on hard working Oregon families and businesses.

Oregon FreedomWorks Director Russ Walker stated “The Legislatures irresponsible spending binge must come to an end. Oregon families and businesses can no longer afford to pay for the out of control spending of politicians and the special interest groups that feed at the taxpayer trough.” He suggested that the legislature should do what’s best for all of Oregon and not just the big government special interest.

He urged the Legislature to put a side partisan fighting and do what is best for Oregon families and businesses. Walker added “The Legislature must put a priority on making Oregon’s business environment competitive again. That is best done by reducing the tax and regulatory burden.”

The rally is located on the North End of the Capitol on the front steps from 11am to 2pm on Monday, February 15th.

After the rally, the sponsoring coalition is organizing lobby visits for attendees with members of the legislature.

Sponsoring Organizations include: FreedomWorks, Taxpayer Defense Project, the Salem 9-12 Project, Oregon Patriots/Resistnet, Common Sense for Oregon, Tea Party Patriots, Marion County Republicans and Capitol City Republican Women

Potential Speakers Include:
Members of the coalition will speak
Talk Show Host Bill Post, KYKN 1430 AM
Talk Show Host Victoria Taft, KPAM 860 AM
Republican House Leader, Representatives Bruce Hanna
Republican Senate Leader, Senator Ted Ferrioli
Representative Matt Wingard
Representative Dennis Richardson
Senator Jason Atkinson
Nick Olsen, Owner Olsen Homes and Renovation
Kristina Ribali, Small Business Owner
Larry Sykes, Small Business Owner
Gordon Kelly, Small Business Owner

Time: February 15, 2010 from 11am to 2pm
Location: State Capitol, Salem, Oregon
Street: 900 Court Street, Northeast
City/Town: Salem, OR