Rep. Dave Hunt email exchange on taxpayer rally

From Radio Host Bill Post

This is a couple examples of Dave Hunt’s response to listener’s asking why he used the term “teabaggers” yesterday:

FROM TAXPAYER (Name withheld)
Dear Mr. Hunt,
I had the chance to see video of you yesterday talking to a small crowd at the capitol. I found the tone of your speech disturbing. I seems to me that you would try to be above the name calling, referring to tax opposition at “tea baggers” and indicating that they did not get the fact that 66 and 67 had passed. You should know that divisive speech as that will never win people over to you way of thinking and in fact may separate you from your constituents. Consider acting as a representative for us.

Thanks for your message. I appreciate your feedback. My comment about “teabaggers” was only referring to those who were rallying at the Capitol yesterday. They self identified themselves using that term. I do not believe that I have referred more broadly to opponents of 66 & 67 with that term. There are obviously opponents of those measures who are not tea baggers. I hope that clarification is helpful. Thanks for the honor of representing you in the Oregon House of Representatives.

Dear Mr. Hunt:
I am writing to inform you that the terms “tea bagger” and tea bagging” are highly offensive to supporters of the Tea Party movement. We do not self identify as such, nor do we appreciate your use of the terms.

I am not so stupid as to believe you do not know that these terms are sexual innuendos. Nor that these are terms of derision used by liberal/”progressive” commentators such as Rachael MadCow. I also know your constituents think it is funny to refer to Tea Partiers as such. Consider yourself informed. You now have no excuse to use these terms again, unless you intend to be insulting. Looking forward to the Conservative trsunami in Nov.,

Thanks for that information. I have heard anti-tax, anti-government activists refer to themselves as teabaggers, so perhaps there is a difference of opinion within that “movement”.

— END —

This information provided by Bill Post,

Bill Post
Program Director

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  • Brad Rydman

    The only time I’ve heard proponents of the Tea Party Movement called teabaggers has been on left-leaning media channels such as MSNBC and CNN, and never in a complimentary manner.

  • Anonymous

    “I have heard anti-tax, anti-government activists refer to themselves as teabaggers”
    Yeah, sure you have Dave.
    And you heard the developmentally challenged refer to themselves as retards?

  • Big Mike

    Pfffftt! Dave Hunt is a liar.

  • Jim Ray

    Just looking at, listening to Dave Hunt, leaves me with a feeling that the guy is a complete jerk! A punk! A prick!

    He’s cocky, full of himself and the type of person who needs to be taken down a few pegs.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful for the R’s to win back the House and if it were left up to me I’d assign Hunt to every low level meaningless SUB-committee there is. Nothing more than that. He’d be relegated to the basement.

    Pay back is a bitch Dave Hunt and hopefully you’ll get a taste of it.

  • Not a Nice Guy

    Dave Hunt is just the type of guy that needs to be given a serious lesson in humility.

  • P. French

    Well, he went to Columbia and worked for Darleen Hooley. What does anyone expect from a person that would ever do that? He is brain dead and has been since applying to Columbia to study American hatred, and Saul Alinski and such….

  • Merinas van der Lubbe

    Is it *really* worth expending all this bandwidth agonizing about what names we get called by a bunch of vile, filthy, slimy Leftist scumbags?

    Can’t we just tell them “Only a vile, filthy, slimy Leftist scumbag like YOU would need to come up with a word for a disgusting, degenerate activity like what YOU call “Teabagging”?

    A couple of experiences with retorts like that and they will betake themselves back to their faux-fur-lined garrets in Northwest Portland to… never mind, you get the idea.

  • Jerry

    The man is a complete moron and a total fool.
    I detest his willful lying and slanderous speech.
    What a complete idiot.

  • wnd

    One of the sorriest moments in Dist 40 recent memory was Dave Hunt’s well funded beguiling of Clackamas County voters into electing the narcissist with an obvious desire for the Governors chair and/or pad in Congress. Alas, he’s so full of (Al Capp) Shmoo-pah and drooling DNC Aid, it might happen – unless, BHO is ‘prompted’ to invite him in as a stimulus package to place in his cabinet.
    OMG, you don’t suppose? What an Edvard Munch’n scream that’d be.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    This was only a couple of the emails I received yesterday as fallout from the “speech” Mr. Hunt gave to the “other” rally group at the Capitol on Monday.
    Why wouldn’t he address the Taxpayers at their rally? What would be the harm to him? Wouldn’t it make him more “accessible” more “relatable”? No, he simply chooses to insult and ignore the real people of Oregon. This man has got to go. Along with his knucklehead cohort in the Senate, Peter Courtney, who by the way, kept the Senate side in session for an extra 35 minutes after the rally started I assume, to keep the Senators who were scheduled to speak from getting outside to the rally.
    These two individuals are so drunk with power that they are completely cut off from all reality. We must get rid of them.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Another great response from Dave Hunt:

    From: Rep Hunt
    Subject: RE: I am offended
    To: (kept anonymous)
    Date: Tuesday, February 16, 2010, 10:18 PM

    The Wikipedia definition of “Teabagger”:
    “The verb to “tea bag”, hence “tea bagger”, to describe these protesters has been used by several pundits and journalists after it appeared self-referentially on signs at Tea Party rallies, distributed by “FReeRepublic.Com”….The term’s growth in the political arena earned attention by the Oxford American Dictionary, and the word “teabagger” achieved finalist status for the OAD Word of the Year.[15]”

    Dave Hunt

    Again I state as I did on the radio, any “tea party” folks who used that term last april, did so out of ignorance of a really twisted sexual act. I will be THRILLED to be called ignorant on this one. I really did not want to know what a “teabagger” was. I still don’t.

    • OI

      Personally, I think that Hunt’s response was laugh out loud funny. As to the matter of respectful discourse… let’s just say that one need only read the comments in this thread to know that disrespectful commentary is not even remotely the sole province of the left.

    • Libby

      After standing in the cold for most of the day Monday on the Capital steps , listening to a lot of great speakers and thinking wow people do care about Oregon,cool. Then I went to the Statesman’s website and watched the counter protesters lead by Speaker Dave Hunt and listened to him call us “teabaggers” I was furious. This man is suppose to be in touch with the best interests of the citizens of Oregon, not just his “peeps”. So today I made a special delivery to his office at the Capital. I gave it to Sarah, his nice receptionist. What was it you ask? It was sealed box of tea bags. Since he does not know what a tea bag looks like. It was green tea, I know he would probably like that. There you go Dave have a cup,enjoy!

  • Dave Hunt will be Defeated

    Dave Hunt Will be Defeated

  • Rich

    I am afraid that they are still teabaggers regardless. It was a good discussion anyways.

  • Ronne Trembly

    The only reason the left knows of the term Tea Baggers is because it was the liberals that were on their knees.

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