Senator Ted Ferrioli responds to annual session bill

From State Sentaor Ted Ferrioli,

Salem, OR — Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following statement after the passage of SJR 41 in the Senate Rules Committee Monday morning:

“If the last two special sessions have been “˜trial runs’ for annual sessions, they have failed the test for the following reasons:
– Prohibition of minority reports in the House of Representatives in the first “˜trial run’
– Moved significant pieces of legislation without public hearings in both “˜trial runs’
– Limited public input by going to one hour hearing notices in week two of “˜trial run’
– Formed “˜work groups’ which excluded interested parties such as legislators serving in the minority
– Will limit not just time but the number of issues legislators will take up in the special session
– Institutionalizing a “hurry up” mentality, increasing the probability of unintended consequences
– Concentrating power not in the assembly, but in the majority party rulers
– Done nothing to increase transparency, accountability and inclusion

In summary, annual sessions appear to be nothing more than an opportunity to do great evil more often.”

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  • Anonymous

    I doubt that annual sessions will fix Oregon’s government problems, but this is another one you’re going to lose, and you’ll deserve it. It’s just crazy to meet only biannually about a $50 billion buget (2 year). Imagine a corporation that size whose board only met every other year. Adjustments need to be made annually. Instead we have absurdities like a 2-year economics projection driving something like the kicker. It’s nuts.

    • Anonymous

      They could lower their budget. Look what they do to us every other year. Annual sessions would be a disaster. We don’t need more laws. Where did they get to be called lawmakers. I thought they were supposed to be representatives. Must be a difference in definitions

  • Jim Ray

    Ferrioli if you’re so against annual sessions, now all of a sudden, you should’ve withheld your caucus of 8 from the current ILLEGAL Session. You are all hat no cattle.

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