GOP leadership on Oregon Supreme Court PERS ruling


Oregon Senate Republicans

Salem, OR – House Republican Leader Mike McLane (R-Powell Butte) and Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day) issued the following joint statement regarding today’s Supreme Court decision to strike down the PERS reforms passed by the Legislature as part of the 2013 Grand Bargain:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision represents a step backward for our state and reverses much of the bipartisan work done to address Oregon’s skyrocketing PERS liabilities. The 2013 Grand Bargain compromise was negotiated in good faith and allowed us to streamline state government, reduce taxes on small businesses and put millions back into Oregon classrooms. Once again, Oregon faces billions in unfunded PERS costs that will hurt schools, police departments and other local critical services. It is clear that we will need to work together again to streamline government and create jobs in order to protect Oregon from a looming fiscal crisis.”

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  • guest

    FDR raised concern about PUBLIC EMPLOYEE bargaining ‘rites’ and today in Oregon the outrageous mess continues ad infinitum. Stop the nonsense now or face Detroit style bankruptcy as imminent.
    Opus bile the way, David Appell and Eric Blair – what say you’s of this mess ?

    • guest

      Wired and awaiting your resonansdtance, monsieur’s Left bling societal gyrates.

  • Bob Clark

    Geez, the Oregon Supremes personally gain from their decision, as now they are entitled to greater retirement benefits.

    Now, the calls for tax hikes will be pushed harder. The Personal Kicker is first up, I would wager.

    I would be for campaign finance reform if I could trust it would be applied to public employee unions and other unions; and not just to other groups like corporations. Somehow, there needs to be a rebalancing of political influences so as to dial back the domination of Oregon’s public employee unions (which act to elevate their pay at the expense of public service provision, as higher pay and benefits means the government dollar stretches significantly less than otherwise).

    • Eric Blair

      Find a way to fix Citizen’s United, and that will apply to both corporations and unions. Perhaps, while we’re at it, lets promote a constitutional amendment that removes corporate personhood.

    • Eric Blair

      It sounds like you are blaming the unions for Republican electoral failures. Have you considered the problem resides within the Republican Party itself? I’ve seen comments on other posts asserting that if the candidates were more conservative, then there would be more victories in elections. It worked for Sam Brownbeck in Kansas, and he even won re-election despite the fact that his promise of an economic boom never quite materialized.

    • Jonathan

      The judges really benefit? Are you sure? How many of them are in line for PERS cost of living adjustments? Maybe some of them came on board after PERS was reformed, now many years ago? Do you know the facts? Do you care?

  • Jonathan

    Amusing to hear the Republican legislators complaining about the collapse of the so-called “Grand Bargain.” It was perfectly predictable — and it was predicted! — that the COLA cuts would be struck down by the Oregon supreme court. Which is exactly what happened. Has the legislature already spent the now nonexistent PERS “savings”? Well congratulations, another buffoon move. Welcome to Oregon. Watch now as these dummies huff and puff about the latest mess they created. Ted Ferrioli can puff up until he is the biggest bullfrog on the planet, it all means nothing.

    • Fixed income retiree, vexed

      COLA’s and arbitrary minimum wage increases are inflationary catalysts.
      Stop pouring more gasoline on economic fires.
      It’s like acceding to the PDX oxymoron’s misconduct May 1.

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