Rep. Scott Bruun: Floor speech on Oregon business climate

During the February session, House Democrats have argued that Oregon is a great place to do business despite the passage of Measures 66 and 67. Rep. Scott Bruun (R-West Linn) and Rep. Kim Thatcher.

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  • Steve Plunk

    GSP? Who’s rear end did that statistic come out of? Logically all that means is there aren’t very many businesses in the state and/or they are not making much money to tax. The state GSP is an attempt to misdirect the citizens from Oregon’s anti-business climate. I know, I have an Oregon business and have felt under attack for 20 years.

  • Jim Ray

    As written earlier today; two guys overheard at breakfast yesterday in Beaverton. Both out of state head hunters, not for employees but for COMPANIES. They’re licking their chops!

    I have to say, however, that these two remonstrances by Bruun & Thatcher are meaningless chatter ’cause their ain’t nobody listening. The AH, Hunt, is just going through procedural crap, and if you watched the video the floor was near empty. Yawning.

  • 3DogsGo

    GOODNESS, GOODNESS, no one hearing that tireless voice that had been exhausted for the past 6 years: Suddenly it has found a sound: OH DEAR he wants a promotion to the US congress now. The global warming scare monger, the gas sales tax advocate, ONLY GREEN JOBS may apply, the champion of sales taxes to generate huge revenue from the Oregon underground activity, the advocate for special interests of his private occupation interests, only tax credits for his RE construction and developers. NO TAX cuts or credits for other sectors in business. Zero advocate for vouchers or alternative education, just vouchers for public schools. OH Goodness the same flip flopper on drilling ban a yes ban vote in 2007 and now that he has to win an election with conservative support he voted NO in this elections year, AHA his bi-partisanship solutions as a solution should be the magic bullet. OH the ga ga GOP are chasing the man with money connections again to will fill the tin cup of the GOP Party. They may as well keep C Schrader, and hope that in 2012 someone with a spine and solutions steps up.

    • anonymous

      That’s a great bit of rhetoric there 3dogsgo. So, what would you have us do, vote for Fred Thompson? I wouldn’t let me kids near him. Nice guy but holy cow, he’s NOT a Congressman. Why wouldn’t he start somewhere like say……city council? School Board? Oregon legislator? Heck no, just jump right up to Congress! It’s Mr. Smith goes to Washington all over again, except this time it’s a late 60’s, kinda jumpy, goofy dude from the Valley. I’ll take Scott anyday.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    The GSP stat is really ridiculous and, as Mr. Bruun said, meaningful only in the reverse of the implication intended by those who put it forth.. If you keep raising taxes on business, then business obviously leaves. Thus the higher the taxes the lower the GSP portion paid. Likewise if you have zero taxes on business then the lower the GSP portion paid by business.

    Basically this argument is a re statement of the Laffer curve model of taxation. As your tax rates approach zero or one hundred percent, your revenue raised from such taxes goes to zero. The tactic of expressing it as a percentage of GSP is simply a method obfuscating that fact.

  • Lee Coleman

    Scott Bruun’s wooden attempt at speaking and his faulty logic insure his defeat in his run for the U.S. House of Representatives. Like all Republicans, Bruun has no concept of the role of government as a servant of the people. These rogues, including Bruun, should be and rightly will be rejected by the voters.

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    Using the Wizer’s example is a terrible move. Wizer’s didn’t close shop, they closed a single shop that had been hurting because of a down economy and they couldn’t get financing for a storefront improvement.

    That Lake Grove location was underserved and that community continues to get less and less out-of-the-area shoppers, especially when the spankin’ new Wizer’s is pretty close in downtown LO.

    It just sounds like Scott Bruun is practicing being out of touch in preparation for his run for Congress. It was spoke like a true congressman, albeit not one from Oregon.

  • matthew vantress

    how about all the liberal democrats being out of touch?please tell us what the liberal democrats including our invisible do nothing governor who the private sector never sees are actually doing now to get the private sector back to work and reduce oregons still high double digit unemployment rate.before you jump on mr braun tell us what the democrats in oregon are doing now about unemployment in this state?

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