Stimulus Birthday: The numbers are eye opening

Happy Birthday, “Stimulus”!? One Year By the Numbers
From Sandra Fabry
Americans for Tax Reform,

$787 billion— size of the “stimulus” package as signed into law on February 17, 2009

$862 billion
— size of the “stimulus” package per CBO’s updated January review

$288 billion — claimed total tax cut amount in “stimulus” package

$214.6 billion — actual total tax cut amount in “stimulus” package (some of the tax cuts were in fact spending)

3.6 million — jobs “stimulus” package was supposed to create per the Administration’s estimations

3.3 million — number of jobs lost since signing of “stimulus” package

67,000 — number of federal civilian employees added since “stimulus” package was signed

$270.7 billion — cost to taxpayers* for these new government employees

7.6 percent unemployment — rate at signing of “stimulus” package

8 percent — rate under which unemployment was supposed to be held with “stimulus” package in place

10.2 percent — highest unemployment rate since signing of “stimulus” package

9.7 percent — current unemployment rate

440 — number of non-existing Congressional districts in which the “stimulus” package was supposed to have “saved and created” jobs according to

$224,525.22 — cost per job “saved or created” in 440 phantom districts

94,341 (and counting) — number of jobs clearly not saved/created by “stimulus” package

6 percent — number of Americans who think the “stimulus” package has actually created jobs

$17 billion — Cost added to “stimulus” package due to Davis-Bacon prevailing wage requirements