Lars Larson: Jesse Jackson’s slur on Oregon & the U of O

Jesse Jackson came to Oregon this week at the invitation of the idiot Mayor of Portland who calls Jackson a Uniter.

Well, Jackson proved he’s not a Uniter, he’s a Divider. After defaming police officers and the City of Portland, he slurred the University of Oregon by saying 300 black students at the U of O mostly play ball and most of them don’t graduate.

That couldn’t be more distant from the truth. The truth is two-thirds of black students at the UofO graduate. That’s actually higher than the percentage of the entire student population. It’s more than 50% higher than the national average.

Jesse Jackson didn’t get his facts right. I think the University of Oregon ought to take issue with him, to say “how dare you slur our school when we do right by African-Americans and to have you tell the whole country that we do wrong”.

They should call him on it, but I bet you they won’t.

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