Representative Matt Wingard: On Charter School panel

Rep. Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) rose on the House Floor to observe the formation of a panel charged with reviewing Oregon’s charter school laws. He noted of the 15-member committee, 12 members represent organizations that have been openly hostile to these alternative schools that educate 16,000 Oregon kids. As the committee reviews the laws and makes recommendations to the next legislature, Rep. Wingard urges the House to remember who they are really working for

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  • Charter Bill

    I think they should have 15 of the 15 members against charter schools. These schools are killing the unions. The unions are upset that the charter school kids are doing as well, if not better, than the kids forced to sit in front of union thugs all day who will strike before they help a kid after contract hours.
    Silly me, I thought they worked for us.
    Oregon – we love schemers.

  • OI

    Was this an original speech?

  • Reper

    Being that Charter schools keep being harassed, I reckon we will be hearing this speech again and again.

  • Pinkie

    The democrat majority in the legislature will only help the unions. They work together. The unions are nothing more then the financial arm of the entire democrate party.

    The financially pathetic state of Oregon, brought to you by democrats and unions.

    And the one trick pony marches on….

  • publicschoolchoice

    I can appreciate Representative Wingard’s concerns in terms of the composition of this committee. As a charter school leader, I must disagree with his statement that charter schools are happy with the charter law, as this is simply not the truth at all. Charter schools want equitable funding for their students, authorizers other than the local school district board, and assistance with facility funding, amongst other things. Charter schools have lobbyists at the Capitol on a regular basis who are working to improve the charter law and to prevent harmful changes. So it’s just not true that charters are happy with the law “as is.”

    Like most other charter leaders in this state, I get upset every time I hear someone say “charters do it for less,” especially if someone says that to try to make a case that all public schools should “do it for less.” Charters don’t want to get less and shouldn’t have to get less. Our kids are just as valuable as kids in other public schools! It does not cost us less to educate students! The only reason we get less is because of some political deal made in 1999. The fact that we get less brings us much criticism (because we often cannot pay our staff the same salaries as local districts, etc.).

    Keep in mind this group has no authority to change the law. Hopefully it will identify some minor areas in the charter school law that the entire group can endorse revising.

  • Bob Clark

    It’s really hypocritical the Democrats promote a public option to supposedly increase competition in the healthcare sector, saying the hundreds of existing insurance companies somehow are monopolistic. Yet when it comes to education which 80% plus is controlled by a true public unionized monopoly, the dems abhor the thought of competition and preach killing any sniff of competition. The D in democrat must stand for dependency as in government dependency.

    • Steve Buckstein

      Excellent point, Bob. Yes, it is fascinating that the very people who are now arguing for competition in health insurance are the same ones fighting so hard against competition in education. Perhaps looking at which industry has a higher concentration of public sector unionization might explain the dichotomy.

  • Jerry

    There is a democrat in Illinois who is trying to institute a voucher program, FYI.
    He has upset the union applecart.

  • Anonymous

    publicschoolchoice: Listen to Rep. Wingard’s speech and you will hear that he NEVER says charter school leaders are happy with the law. He says charter schools are working for the kids. I’m sure Rep. Wingard would agree that the law should be expanded to assist and support the growth of charter schools, since he repeatedly talks about that in Salem.

    I think his point was that good ideas like yours are VERY unlikely to come from the charter school task force as it is currently composed. They won’t recommend expanding authorizers and giving you more money. They’re the people who are usually trying to stop charter schools in the first place.

  • Anonymous

    This is how the teacher’s union treats charter schools and students.

    If you haven’t seen this and don’t watch it now then you are a doh doh.

  • Anonymous

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