Tax lesson found in Portland Art Museum?

italyarttaxesmuseumTax lesson found in Portland Art Museum?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

There I was enjoying the spectacular Italian Fashion history exhibit at the Portland Art Museum when suddenly I stumbled upon a real-life tax lesson.

Near the end of the exhibit was a video highlighting the dire challenges of the Italian fashion industry. Famous Italian designer, Mariano Rubinacci, laid it out boldly in the video “The laws in Italy are terrible. The taxes are unbelievable. I am not political. I am not right or left. I wish only to be in a country where live properly and with reasonable taxes.” Another designer in the video lamented poor support from Italy’s government.

I hope Portlanders got the message and Mariano’s call for “reasonable taxes” because Italy’s taxes are so high that tax evasion hides nearly 20% of the economy.

If world-renowned and upscale Italian fashion can be threatened by high taxes, so could other industries we cherish and consider invincible like Oregon’s high-tech sector, Portland’s vibrant restaurant scene or the craft beer industry. Their future can all be at risk with high taxes and regulations. Any industry’s potential can be diminished just like the auto industry in Detroit. I hope Portlanders will heed Italy’s lessons.

We love Oregon. Keep taxes low. And support your local art museum.

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  • Eric Blair

    It is something of a balancing act… We don’t want to become like Kansas either.

  • guess who

    I so appreciate the socialist attitude of your comment speaking for all the residents of Oregon in your self appointed way.

    • Eric Blair

      Oh.. my apologies… I didn’t mean to leave the impression that I was speaking for all Oregonians. By “We” I meant others of my political persuasion. Fellow travelers if you will. I’m sorry this confused you. Perhaps if you had asked first, I could have clarified this point instead of you assuming? This would have prevented you from sounding shrill and silly.

      • guest

        Readers here bid ewe a bon Marshall Applewhite thou fallowing shepherd in his stead.

        • Eric Blair

          Now, guess who is going to be very upset with you if you are, in a self-appointed way, talking for all readers on here.

          • guest

            Ewe are mutton butt a leg trying to Oregonian’s over a fiscal cliff.
            Twit, better you try flying your act at Yosemite, open fly boy Eric Half Fast Masterson.

          • guest

            leg over trying to send overtaxed Oregonian’s

      • guess who

        Apology not acceptable. You are now claiming to speak for all members of a certain political perversion that you fail to identify so I can only assume that is a total grouping of you and yourself
        . If this sounds shrill and silly to you perhaps you are using your self as the poster child for this line of thinking

        • Eric Blair

          LOL. not acceptable? Huh. Political perversion? Huh, again.

          You don’t have to assume, you could ask. But you seem more comfortable assuming, and we know what happens when you assume (just to make it clear, it has nothing to do with me… it’s all you).

          Yes, it sounds shrill and silly since it seems very much a tempest in a teapot. The “We” in my post was, and this is entirely just me, tangential to my main point: there is such a thing as too few taxes (and yes, there is such a thing as too many taxes).

          To silly and shrill, I’ll have to add humorless and no sense of proportion.

          • .

            Oh, balls said E.B. keen! If’n I had sum, they’d be traded for in a Bruce Jenner supposition and then sung.

  • Gordo

    I just returned from Italy and their socialized medicine is falling apart. What used to be “free” now costs the users. They don’t like it. And, you can not get any help in a timely manner. In Venice they joke that the hospital will kill you. I am not making this up.
    Keep an eye on Italy…as it goes, so goes this grand experiment in taking from those who do and giving to those who do not.
    It is not working.

    • Eric Blair

      How’s socialized medicine working in the rest of Europe?

  • Ron Swaren

    And then there is this. So we better all wake up before clandestine ‘globalism’ has irreparably damaged our economy, too. Note the “nearly 5000 workshops run by Chinese immigrants” in one city.:

    “Prato, which lies 25 km from the Renaissance jewel of
    Florence, is also a thriving hub of illegality committed by both
    Italians and Chinese, a byproduct of globalization gone wrong.

    Shen Jianhe lost both her job and home when Italian police shut down her garment factory in the Tuscan city of Prato.By
    day, the 38-year-old mother of four would sew trousers at one of the
    nearly 5,000 workshops run by Chinese immigrants in Prato, which largely turn out cheap clothing for fast-fashion companies in Italy and across Europe.”

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