Tax lesson found in Portland Art Museum?

italyarttaxesmuseumTax lesson found in Portland Art Museum?
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

There I was enjoying the spectacular Italian Fashion history exhibit at the Portland Art Museum when suddenly I stumbled upon a real-life tax lesson.

Near the end of the exhibit was a video highlighting the dire challenges of the Italian fashion industry. Famous Italian designer, Mariano Rubinacci, laid it out boldly in the video “The laws in Italy are terrible. The taxes are unbelievable. I am not political. I am not right or left. I wish only to be in a country where live properly and with reasonable taxes.” Another designer in the video lamented poor support from Italy’s government.

I hope Portlanders got the message and Mariano’s call for “reasonable taxes” because Italy’s taxes are so high that tax evasion hides nearly 20% of the economy.

If world-renowned and upscale Italian fashion can be threatened by high taxes, so could other industries we cherish and consider invincible like Oregon’s high-tech sector, Portland’s vibrant restaurant scene or the craft beer industry. Their future can all be at risk with high taxes and regulations. Any industry’s potential can be diminished just like the auto industry in Detroit. I hope Portlanders will heed Italy’s lessons.

We love Oregon. Keep taxes low. And support your local art museum.