Oregon Dems put political agenda ahead of K-12 funding


Oregon Senate Republicans

Democrats raid K-12 education, rejecting intent of voters to spend corporate kicker on Oregon students

Salem, OR – Senate Democrats are undermining the will of Oregon voters by refusing to spend the corporate kicker on K-12 education, as mandated by the Oregon constitution, argued Senate Republicans today.

“In 2012, Oregon voters chose to redirect extra corporate tax revenue to bolster the education budget so our schools have the resources they need,” said Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli. “By redirecting the corporate kicker to education, Oregonians sent the message that strong schools are the top Oregon value. Now, Senate Democrats want to undercut voters and spend the corporate kicker on other programs without sending a dime to K-12 education.”

The May Revenue Forecast predicts $61.3 million in corporate tax revenue that should be constitutionally dedicated to K-12 education spending in the next biennium. Measure 85, passed in 2012, directs the corporate kicker to “the General Fund for purposes of K-12 education.” However, Senate Republicans pointed out, the Ways and Means Co-Chairs’ budget does not include an extra $61.3 million for K-12 education above the currently allocated $7.361 billion. Instead, they are spending the corporate kicker on other programs, not education.

“Senate Democrats refused to fully fund education earlier this session, hoping that Oregonians would be willing to return their kicker tax refunds to the state or raise taxes to prevent fewer school days and larger class sizes,” said Senator Chuck Thomsen (R-Hood River). “Now we learn they’re ignoring Oregon voters and spending the corporate kicker on their pet priorities instead of K-12 education. This money should go straight to our classrooms where it belongs.”

Senate Democrats also refused to allocate more than 40 percent of additional revenue from the May forecast to K-12 education. If they had dedicated all additional revenue, Senate Republicans suggested, they could fully fund education at $7.5 billion without raising taxes or keeping the personal kicker.

Senate Democrats reject common-sense plan to provide stable funding for education

Salem, OR – Thursday, Senate Democrats rejected a common-sense plan to sustainably manage timber sales on state forestlands, providing a source of ongoing, stable revenue for K-12 education. SB 804, sponsored by Senate Republican Leader Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day), would require the State Forester to manage state-owned forests for profit, preventing the state from wasting rich, renewable timber resources.

“As timber harvests on state-owned forestlands decline, Oregon schools lose out on an historic source of education funding,” said Senator Ferrioli. “Senate Democrats have already refused to fully fund K-12 education, and now they want to stop the responsible management of timber and leave school districts that rely on this revenue in the lurch. Instead of wasting precious natural resources that have long been the backbone of the Oregon economy, we should be investing in long-term, sustainable and responsible timber management as a key component of stable funding for Oregon schools.”

SB 804 failed on an 18-12 party-line vote in the Oregon Senate.

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  • thevillageidiot

    The gloves have come off, the vale has been ripped aside. The Dems are openly deifying the voters. The party is in control and will exercise the control in any way they see fit. They are in control and want more. If the wimppublican party can’t get back the state houses under these conditions then this state deserves to be herded around like the sheeple they appear to be. The wimppublician party needs to leave town and let another take its place. The dems are for more taxes, more taxes, and more taxes with more spending as they see fit. schools who needs them. As long as we (dems) tell the people who, what, and how to vote there is no need for schools unless we control them. the voting public does not know how to run their own lives. they must be told by the government. you send us the money we spend it all and then increase taxes. The less you have to spend the more you depend on government.

  • Lucy

    I am a teacher and I want more money. Please.

    • But seriously

      OEA, no doubt “loosely in the sky with diamond’s.”

      • guest

        Too, lunacy in the turnstile with diamonds shows to go the trends ongoing down in the goose filling of the state of Warshington educational machine Duz launder about.

  • Jack Lord God

    So Democrats managed to confiscate the corporate kicker on the promise to spend it on education, didn’t and now are promising this time if they confiscate the personal kicker they really will spend it on education this time?

    Gee, where have we heard this one before. These people are truly unconscionable. The sad thing is, a lot of Oregonians still fall for this crap. The good news is, Lane county tried to play this little shell game with road funding, and an attempt to jack registration fees went down in flames. Maybe there is hope, but remember, a lot of people fall for this sucker play every time if you slap “education funding” on it. Make sure your friends know how Democrats have screwed them over with literally this exact some move in the past with the corporate kicker.

    • guest

      Bingo, Bango, Buenos analysis recognizing the truth spoken by JLG.

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