Senator Brian Boquist:Dems create kangaroo referrals

From State Senator Brian Boquist,

Today the Legislature’s Democrat leadership will refer several Constitutional Referrals to the voters. Here is SB 998 brought to you by Senator Courtney and Representative Hunt which establishes the ballot titles and voter’s pamphlet language. In the final hours the Democrat majority will change election law so voters get a fair free election again. You can judge the language but some of it is simply false. In my opinion this is a set of Kangaroo Referrals which makes a mockery of western democracy. Just like No is Yes and Yes is No on Measure 66 & 67, this proves the citizens of Oregon should vote No on having annual sessions until the Legislature proves it can act responsibly.

With this vote today, Oregon rejoins the ranks of great democratic leaders like President Mobutu of Zaire, President Noriega of Panama, President Marcos of the Philippines, President Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier of Haiti, President Mugabe of Zimbabwe, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad who recently re-elected in fair free elections in Iran, and President Karzai of Afghanistan who just fired the Afghan Elections Commission and replaced them with his campaign supporters. Oregonians can be proud now.

Given a dozen Oregon banks may fail before November, nearly 100,000 Oregonians’ unemployment benefits will expire cutting $1.2 billion out of the economy before November, and Oregon’s finances may plummet into chaos by November, the Legislature should be focusing on solutions not pet peeves of a small group of special interests.


Brian J. Boquist
State Senator

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  • Anonymous


    PLEASE run for Governor before it is too late!!!!!!!

  • UO student

    This bill shows Oregon Democratic leaders are in a class with Papa Doc Duvalier and Ahmadinejad?

    This guy must be a complete whack job to say crap like that. No wonder we don’t take you seriously.

  • Mark Goodnow

    It is clear that no one can trust the democrats.
    They are very bad people who only want power and control over our lives.
    I am very upset with them.

  • Anonymous

    Bradbury, Courtney, Hunt, are very evil bastards. Said it for years!

    • mercyman25

      One of these men is or was president of Western Oregon University. Back in the early 2000s I was dating a girl that went to school there. There was a professor that was molesting college girls there, she was one of them. Over and over the school would pay the girls off and settle with them, never firing this bastard. She walked away with nearly $100,000 . I know of at least a dozen cases against this professor. He was a health professor, not a math professor easlily replaced. What kind of school president keeps a creep like this around? A democrat I suppose. Look at the thugs Obama keeps at his side.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I really resent this post.

    Under Noriega, Marcos and Im-A-Jeannie-ad their economies were actually doing reasonably well, by the standards of the countries involved.

    Sure Oregon is a banana republic in terms of its leadership, but to compare the dismal performance of Oregons economy to leaders who although tyranical actually had an economy really is unfair.

    *Warning* – To those with no sense of humopur, this post should not be taken to mean I support tyrants.

    *Warning* – Just because I mention the fact that some good, or at least not bad, happened under dictators does not mean I support dictators nor does it mean I support every action a dictator does.

  • JTT

    Um, hyperbole much? You might think by reading this that Courtney and Hunt are asking “short sleeves or long sleeves…”. You are disgusting and shameless.

  • Steve Plunk

    It’s too much. Dial it back Senator before we all look like idiots.

    • valley p

      Too late for that. When Glenn Beck is your leader and Sarah Palin seriously considered for president, you indeed look like idiots (your word, not mine).

      But keep the extremist rhetoric up. The masses love it.

      • Steve Plunk

        Please don’t assume or assign anything. Glenn Beck is not our leader and Sarah Palin can run for president like any other citizen. It amazes me how much you lefties want to focus on personalities instead of substance. It’s also amazing how when we call someone for being over the top you give no credit.

        That’s going to be the Achilles heel for Dems this fall, the lack of substantive policy versus the hopey changey cult of personality. You guys tend to be swept up in passion rather than common sense and logic. Now that those passions have left us with a weak leader who doesn’t even understand America the fallout will be swift. Soon enough grown ups will be back in charge.

        Boquist stepped over the line and we immediately called him on it. Dems just don’t have the ability to police their own in such a manner.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >But keep the extremist rhetoric up. The masses love it.

        Well, while extremism of the rhetoric is debatable, you are correct about peoples preference for it.

        If BO and the rest of the Dems poll numbers are any indication, people do seem to prefer any talk indicating antipathy to the Democratic agenda.

        Not looking so good for the 40 year Democrat Reich you were predicting a year ago is it?

  • Bill Sizemore

    Rigging ballot titles to manipulate voters is third world, banana republic politics. Rigging official ballot titles is the favorite new weapon of Oregon Democrats, proving that they really do not want to do the will of the people, but prefer to trick the people into approving policies they would not approve if the choices were described to them honestly.

    For this we can also thank the Oregon courts, which have looked the other way and allowed Democrat legislators to engage in this sleight of hand.

    Ballot titles should be neutral and straight forward,drafted by a neutral party and then subject to court review. Anything less is cheating.

  • Anonymous

    You know, you can rip on Palin and Beck all you want. But when a Republican is elected Senator from Massachusetts at a pivotal moment for the sole purpose of defeating Obamacare – and elected to the very seat held for 40 years by Ted Kennedy, the champion of health care reform, no less – you had better seriously consider that the public might not really be nearly as sympathetic to your beliefs and you think they are.

    Just sayin’…

  • valey p

    “But when a Republican is elected Senator from Massachusetts at a pivotal moment for the sole purpose of defeating Obamacare -”

    There are a few problems with your statement. First, assuming this is the only thing that was appealing about Brown as opposed to Coakley. Second, that Mass citizens already have “Obama care,” also known as “Romney care” and they like it. It works. Third, that Brown voted for and supports this program.

    But I agree with you that the public at large is less than enthusiastic about Obama’s plan. I count myself among them, though probably for different reasons than you have.

    And you are left with the fact that Brown is not the leader of the Republicans. If anything, he looks like he will be a moderate outlier given his vote in support of more deficit stimulus spending. Palin or Beck or Limbaugh,,,,they are your leaders. And they don’t play well outside your base.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      > Palin or Beck or Limbaugh,,,,they are your leaders. And they don’t play well outside your base.

      I love it when you tee them up like this, it’s hilarious.

      Ok – first one:

      Don’t play well outside their base? Gee, sounds kind of like BO. Oh wait a second, even the base doesnt like BO these days.

      Second one:

      Don’t play well outside their base? Are you even aware that the single reason BO can’t get his bill passed is because of liberals?

      Yep, thats right. Pelosi could take the Senate bill as is, have a vote in the house and it would go straight to BO’s desk.

      Only problem is, she doesn’t have the votes in the house.


      Well, the reason is Liberals won’t vote for it.

      Talk about not playing well outside your base.

      Another shooting fish in a barrel Dean moment, and it’s a sunny day to boot!

      I love it.

      • valley p

        “Are you even aware that the single reason BO can’t get his bill passed is because of liberals?”

        Really Rupert? That is the single reason? A fillibustering Senate and zero Republican votes and Democratic blue dogs have nothing to do with it? As usual your analysis is a bit lacking.

        “Another shooting fish in a barrel Dean moment”

        The only think you ever manage to shoot is your own foot. Time and again. You must have like zero nerve endings down there because you never seem to even notice.

  • Very Bad Boy

    Hey Valley! Nice pack of EXCUSES! Can’t wait until November when your kind gets a long overdue REAMING!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, and we elected moderate maverick outlier Republicans to take over from democratics in Virginia and New Jersey, too…

    Still, we can’t allow ourselves to get cocky. We need to keep fighting, and energize conservatives to vote for conservatives in November. The left still has the advantage in terms of organization and (il)legal challenges.

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