Special Session Ends. All politics, little progress

Political and personal agendas trump special session, leaves Oregonians still hurting
Need for jobs and rainy day fund remain unaddressed as final gavel drops
By Oregon Senate Republicans,

Salem, OR — The final “practice run” of Oregon’s even numbered year session was defined by political posturing, retribution and a distinctly partisan agenda, leaving little substantive work product for Oregonians to feel good about. The session began February 1st and in the afternoon of February 25th.

“Little has been done this session to address the number one issue facing Oregonians: a lack of jobs,” said Senator Ted Ferrioli (R-John Day). “This special session was intended to demonstrate that the legislature could be trusted with another session if it was used to address state emergencies and pressing policy issues, the issues that matter to Oregonians. Instead, the majority party has spent the last 24 days using the legislature as their personal political cattle prod, hoping that Oregonians won’t notice the posturing and vengeful, partisan retribution against political enemies.”

Much has been made of the 209,000 Oregonians who can’t find work today. Since January of last year, when Democrats first vowed to address Oregon’s festering unemployment problem, the state has hemorrhaged another 50,000 jobs.

“The so-called “˜job creating’ efforts from this session are much like putting lipstick on a scorpion; it looks good but doesn’t change what it is,” said Senator Bruce Starr (R-Hillsboro). “We need to enact significant changes to Oregon’s business environment if we are going to get back on firm economic footing. Anything less might make good headlines, but does little to shorten Oregon’s unemployment lines.”

Instead of focusing on job creation, this session dedicated significant time to bills seeking retribution against individuals, coalitions and associations that played an active role fighting the recently proposed tax increases. According to investigation published in The Bend Bulletin, Head Start, the Oregon Bankers Association and individual lobbyists were all targeted by various levels of threats or legislation designed punish interests that displeased the ruling powers.

“Since when did the legislature become about personal vendettas and exacting a pound of flesh from political opponents?” said Senator Jeff Kruse (R-Roseburg). “This is worse than partisanship, this is the politics of personal power and arrogance, and it is an abuse of and a black eye on this process.”

Other legislation, like freezing the unpopular expansion of the earned time law until after the November election, was designed specifically to provide political cover for the majority party.

“Unfortunately the business of Oregonians was ignored in favor of special interest politics and posturing,” said Ferrioli. “Real issues like creating a rainy day fund and fostering an environment where employers can grow and prosper were completely ignored.


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  • leinad

    Funny, because when I was watching the last few floor sessions online, these same Republicans were gushing and thanking their colleagues for a good session and applauding the work they accomplished. So I call bullshit on this press release. It is plainly two faced and the state has video that is contrary to these beliefs. Feel free to watch them sometime.

  • Jim Ray

    There is not one single honest member of the ninety. They kiss each others ass for a “good session” and not one of ’em will dispute the fact that the “good session” was UNCONSTITUTIONAL because there was NO emergency.

    And now we will have to defeat annual sessions that three RINO’s support. Brucie Starr, Jason Atkinson, and Jackie Winters.

    • valley p

      Wait a minute. I thought Atkinson was the great conservative hope. Now he is a dreaded RINO? Did I miss something? Is there anyone left? I mean right?

      • eagle eye

        I heard about someone complaining on Lars Larson that Dick Cheney is a moderate, not conservative! Another RINO, I guess. Maybe Reagan will join the pantheon. Abraham Lincoln seems to be in danger of being put on the conservatives’ enemy list. It’s tough to be pure. Maybe they will start having show trials.

        • valley p

          Reagan raised taxes several times after he first lowered them, signed amnesty for illegal aliens, traded arms to terrorists, raised spending, exploded the deficit, saved social security, and negotiated peace with communists. By today’s standards I think he would be to the left of Obama. Beck would call him a socialist.

          • eagle eye

            To say that Reagan would be left of Obama is as much of new stretch as calling him a RINO.

            But it’s amusing to see how detached from reality the right has become.

            It’s as if there are two groups, equally extreme, that take every small sign of favor as a mandate for radical change. When one of them gets in power, as now, they overreach, making it at least a possibility for the other to step in. Obama was able actually to do it because of the financial near-calamity at the end of the Bush administration. He has clearly overreached, but it will probably take another, actual calamity — a prolonged near-depression or bankruptcy of the country — to bring in the radical right.

          • valley p

            I was just kidding about Reagan ever being left of Obama. But you got my point. By today’s standards he would at least be a RINO.

            It would take a serious calamity for the current version of the radical right to be elected. Unfortunately we are actually living within that calamity, near 10% unemployment and a general sense of things spiraling down. If it keeps up long enough all bets are off. Hello president Palin. And you are old enough to remember, most people thought Reagan could not be elected, but he was due to the calamity that was the Carter presidency.

  • Moe

    Government never creates jobs. It can only, at best, get out of the way. In Oregon, this is simply never going to happen, so this state will always have one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation.

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