Executive Club: Sen. Kruse & the big money sink hole

Jeff KruseKeynote Speaker: State Senator Jeff Kruse
Executive Club Meeting
7:00 pm • Wednesday June 3rd
Portland Airport Shilo Inn


You know what a sink hole is, right?
That’s where the surface looks just fine…
until the earth opens up and swallows a puppy.
or a car.
or a house.
Now imagine a sink hole big enough to swallow Oregon…

The Oregon Legislature, with no hard hats, has been doing their best ( worst? ) to spend every penny they can vacuum up ( those are YOUR pennies, by the way! ) while they KNOW that the very foundation of the state’s tax revenue
— paying for some things we need, and paying for gobs of things just to buy votes — is going to fall BILLIONS short in the very next cycle.

Remember California, and their approach to water supplies?
“Let it all go dry and then the taxpayers will cough up more money.”

Yup, that’s the plan: kill off the system then come begging.
And it’s deliberate. Not to mention evil. And PERSonal.
Want to hear how it’s happening?
Let’s go exploring that funding cavern before the roof collapses:
Jeff Kruse
Oregon Senator Jeff Kruse

A lifelong resident of Douglas County, Jeff is a farmer and a legislator, has been the Supervisor of Oregon Turkey Growers, and has experience as both a Construction Worker and Farm Laborer.

Not to mention his B.S/Economics from Willamette University, to make sense of the economy of Oregon from the perspective of employee, employer, and government leader.

Add to that a fearless will to expose this secret impending disaster.

Let it not be said Oregon voters were kept in the dark any longer.
Join us Wednesday night.

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