Rep. Bentz: Self-service gas likely coming to rural Oregon

bentzgasSelf-service gas likely coming to rural OR
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon Foundation

A bill that would allow self-service gas at rural stations between 6 PM and 6 AM when no attendant is present has passed unanimously in the House. The bill (HB 3011), sponsored by State Representative Cliff Bentz (R-Ontario), applies only to counties with fewer than 40,000 people. Bentz said he expects the bill to pass unanimously in the Senate in the next few weeks.

“The issue here is the issue of access to fuel,” said Bentz. “This bill is designed to allow people to drive up in the dead of night when there’s nobody there and put a card in the machine and pump some gas.”

Gas stations in remote, sparsely populated areas can’t afford to pay an attendant to be on duty 24 hours a day. “If you’re in Lakeview or John Day, these towns close up at six o’clock and everybody goes home,” Bentz said. “If you’re driving through as many, many tourists do, and you need gas, you’re stuck until stations reopen in the morning.” Bentz pointed out that tourism is one of the few economic enterprises still in eastern OR and it’s important to supply appropriate service to tourists.

Fuel access is also a matter of public safety. Police and fire vehicles need to have to access fuel at all times.

Some might oppose this bill because they are opposed to self-service gas in general, but Bentz says this bill isn’t about whether or not self-service is a good idea across the state. “If people someday want to have self-serve over in the populated part of the state, well that’s up to them. But this is to try to address an issue of having access to fuel which we currently don’t have.”    There was no opposition voiced during the House floor hearing on this House Bill 3011.

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  • Bob Clark

    I have used the U-scan at Safeway multiple times, and so far, I haven’t blown up myself nor folks around me. I have also filled my own gasoline tank in other states without hurting myself or folks around me.

    Maybe another radical thing would be to let me fire up the grill at McDonald so I can make my own burger, fries and coke. I’ll gladly do this for less than a $15 per hour rate for my wages.

    • Gol Dang Me Ennyhowl

      Sighed a retired private sector fixed incomer with no PERS in ration or relation.

    • .

      Let it become.

  • IhateLiberals

    It’s way past time for Oregon motorists to grow up and have self-service gasoline sales all over the state. Neighboring states of Washington, Nevada and California all have self-service gasoline sales and the incidents of problems are minimal.

  • Gasman

    There is simply no way people should be allowed to pump their own gas…in the city or in the country. Look at all the problems this has caused in the states that allow it. They are sorry they did not keep the pumps manned by trained professionals.

    • .

      Not even funny Minister Intrigue!

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