FrankenTax unleashed — Hiding tax hikes inside tax credits

toon-frankentaxFrankenTax is  a monster that is deceptive, costly and unconstitutional
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Liberal lawmakers are creating a dangerous and reckless FrankenTax monster. House Bill 2093, the FrankenTax bill, is a massive unconstitutional tax increase designed to cheat the public from their 3/5th voter majority protection. In 1996, voters put in the constitution protections against easy tax increases by requiring a 3/5th majority vote for all tax increases. The FrankenTax scheme aims to hide real-life tax increases inside a tax credit renewal bill and pretend it is not a tax increase. The details of the FrankenTax scheme aims to raise millions of new tax dollars by reducing your home mortgage interest deductions and diminish your ability to deduct certain federal taxes on your Oregon taxes.