Protect whistleblowers: Sign on as citizen co-sponsor

Rep Knute Buehler_thb

Dr. Knute Buehler

Last week, I asked you to join me in supporting an Oregon hero – Michael Rodgers.

In the face of indifference at best – or intimidation at worst – Rodgers blew the whistle on potential corruption at the highest levels of our state government. He was facing mounting legal bills for simply doing the right thing.

Thankfully, the District Attorneys have suspended their investigations into Rodgers. But our work is not done yet.

We all must do more to protect those Oregonians who are brave enough to stand against corrupt government. You can make a difference by standing with Michael today.

Show your support by signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of my new legislation that will protect whistleblowers like Michael Rodgers from criminal prosecution.

In April, I introduced legislation that would protect whistleblowers from unfair and unjust government prosecution, but the bill never received a hearing.

So I’m introducing new legislation that will provide state employees with protections similar to what exists for employees of publicly traded companies.

The bill would enhance penalties for executives who punish whistleblowers, require every public agency to have whistleblower protocols in place so employees feel comfortable reporting possible fraud and corruption, and make attorneys in the Department of Justice mandatory reporters.

Please sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of my bill to strengthen whistleblower protections today.

Michael Rodgers, and others like him, need your support.

Dr. Knute Buehler (R) is the State Representative from HD54 (Bend)