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Dr. Knute Buehler

Last week, I asked you to join me in supporting an Oregon hero – Michael Rodgers.

In the face of indifference at best – or intimidation at worst – Rodgers blew the whistle on potential corruption at the highest levels of our state government. He was facing mounting legal bills for simply doing the right thing.

Thankfully, the District Attorneys have suspended their investigations into Rodgers. But our work is not done yet.

We all must do more to protect those Oregonians who are brave enough to stand against corrupt government. You can make a difference by standing with Michael today.

Show your support by signing on as a citizen co-sponsor of my new legislation that will protect whistleblowers like Michael Rodgers from criminal prosecution.

In April, I introduced legislation that would protect whistleblowers from unfair and unjust government prosecution, but the bill never received a hearing.

So I’m introducing new legislation that will provide state employees with protections similar to what exists for employees of publicly traded companies.

The bill would enhance penalties for executives who punish whistleblowers, require every public agency to have whistleblower protocols in place so employees feel comfortable reporting possible fraud and corruption, and make attorneys in the Department of Justice mandatory reporters.

Please sign on as a citizen co-sponsor of my bill to strengthen whistleblower protections today.

Michael Rodgers, and others like him, need your support.

Dr. Knute Buehler (R) is the State Representative from HD54 (Bend)

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  • guest

    Kate Brown beating out Knute Buehler in the 2014 SOS selection was, IMO, another set-back for right minded Oregonians.
    ‘Oddsly enough, had the Kitzhaber scandalous actions been effectively exposed sooner, Buehler might now be Oregon’s governor – and not ‘Ms.’ handled by another “rubber stamp” for the Dem status quo that has our state half-acidly fallen over a barrel and into a political sump so deep-scat burdensome, most all ‘lawfully and earnestly abiding’ taxpayers can ill afford to absorb moron the above. .
    Please Oregonians, wake up and stand opposed to the ORganized DEMbacle that rules sic, [drools] over the status quo.
    If snot, DEM hanky panky what’s left of common sense, ante over to the rat’s nest doomed to fail attending socialist New Whorld Odorisms!
    Wnoa Smellie!

  • The late Frohnmayer had stolen my fully paid condo by the help of his bank robber Rep. Bob Ackerman. Ackerman hired Scarlett Lee/ Barnhart Associates. Ackerman forged my family’s signature & sold our fully paid condo without my signature!! Frohnmayer had blocked me from getting employed, because I blew the wistle on them!!

    I filed a complaint against Ackerman so did few other attorneys too!

    1999 Citizen Complaints against Oregon Attorneys 1999

    … 912179,”Bloom, G Duff”,”SHINN, DEAN” “04/13/1999″,794960,”Goulder, David N”,” SINDI,

    F. NADIA ” “04/13/1999″,944938,”Gustafson, Karna R”,” SINDI, F. NADIA” “04/13 …

    Please sign petition.

  • Ron Overlie

    I too am a whistleblower against these corrupt criminals. I told the truth and exposed a cover up by Michael Jordan of serious felony crimes and embezzlement he was involved in. Their first move was to attempt intimidate me into silence with threats of pinning these crimes somehow on me and arresting me. In response to that I told the crooked detective they assigned to the case ( the same Fairview detective involved in the prior cover up) to go ahead and arrest me, then get me an attorney. His next move was to offer me a bribe for my silence! Well, let me be perfectly clear about that! He asked me what I wanted… He didn’t offer me anything! My reply was ” The last time I heard those words, they came from the corporate v.p. of the sub contractor I worked for. Just before he offered me the managers job! Are you detective ( I shouldn’t mention his name on a public forum… He wouldn’t like that.) Brad Robertson offering me a bribe? Not you, the State Investigator (Lynne Nelson) nor Michael Jordan himself could possibly offer me enough money to buy my silence! Is that camera on? And if not… Why isn’t it on?” Detective Robertson’s reply… “No it isn’t on, and I think we are done here.” I told him that “I knew he and Nelson were involved in the cover up of Jordan’s crimes in Jan. Of 2011, that they ordered my friend to lie on an affidavit concerning the case, and that I couldn’t wait to testify against him at his trial! That he was going to prison along with Jordan and Nelson! That I would tell everybody I could, about what he had done! That the only thing worse than a corrupt public official… Is a crooked cop! That I hoped that the feather in his cap they gave him for his lack of integrity ( named him police officer of the year 4 days after Kitzhaber made Jordan the States first ever C.O.O.) was worth it! That if he wanted to shut me up… That he was going to have to shoot me! Am I free to go detective?” And walked out of his Fairview interrogation room into the open arms of Oregonian reporter Steve Bevin who was waiting for me in the lobby of the Fairview police department! I told him everything! He printed little to nothing of what I told him! At the time the Oregonian chose to help Jordan rather than report the truth! That is when my troubles really began! Threats, harassment, intimidation, financial sanctions, criminal accusations and attempts to discredit me, by the vary people who swore an oath to protect me. What you people must understand is that ones integrity is a commodity to these people. It’s value is determined by the owner. Fore some it can be sold for money, for others power, for others a worthless feather in a cap! I view mine as priceless, not for sale to anyone for any price!
    Mr. Rodgers was faced with a choice, follow orders he knew to be criminal, sacrifice his integrity and keep quiet. Or… Maintain his integrity, make copy’s of the evidence and turn it over before it could be deleted and covered up forever? The courage it took to do what he did, knowing what he would be facing for doing the right thing…HEROIC!!! Here is a man who refuses to sell his integrity, and is willing to stand up for all of us! Thank you Michael Rodgers!

    • guest

      And where is Michael Jordan as if we didn’t know? Above water at the Portland Water Bureau [twit] paid a bountiful six figure salary which is completely absolutely NUTS, absolutely!

      The COOmish should be lodged at the Gray Bar Academy for Atonement, perhaps, overseen by the watchful eye of Nadia Sindi, maybe.

      • Mark that Dave and Lars too

        By the way, what does Amanda Marshall, pressured to resign US Attorney know of the scurrilous goings on?
        Think Willamette Week’s outstanding investigative reporter, Nigel Jacquis, feels the terrain and knows what should be revealed next, albeit asap?

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