GOP chair urges Rep. Smith and Jenson to reject union support or quit

Representatives should reject support or consider withdrawing from Primary Election

Portland, Ore. — Oregon Republican Party Chairman Bob Tiernan has released the following statement concerning the Primary Elections in Oregon House Districts 57 and 58:

“The passage of the corporate and personal income tax increases during the 2009 legislative session was unfortunately made possible by the support of two Republican Representatives, Greg Smith and Bob Jenson. The devastating impacts of these tax increases on Oregon’s economy are just beginning to be realized. To make matters worse, it has recently come to light that the same public employee unions who bankrolled the misleading pro-tax campaign are planning to provide monetary, consulting and grassroots support to Representatives Smith and Jenson in recognition of their votes in favor of the tax increases,” said Chairman Tiernan.
“I strongly urge Representatives Smith and Jenson to refuse any support or assistance from the public employee unions and their Democrat allies and provide the Republicans in House Districts 57 and 58 an explanation of how their recent actions and votes have represented their interests and the Republican Party they represent,” continued Chairman Tiernan. “Otherwise, I respectfully request that they consider removing themselves from the election for the Republican Party nominations for House Districts 57 and 58.”

The filing deadline for Oregon’s 2010 Primary Election is March 9th.

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  • eagle eye

    Nothing like a purge to strengthen the Republican party in Oregon.

    After all, when you’re so far ahead, purity is what counts!

    • Death to Eagle Eye

      You’re calling it a “purge”, when there’s not really a “purge” going on.

      Jenson and Smith raised taxes on Oregonians and are contributing to the continued failure of Oregon to keep business. They need to go for that reason alone.

      It’s not a purge, it’s a flippin’ necessary thing.

      Dems are not popular, and they are going to lose seats. Guaranteed.

      • eagle eye

        Best of luck to you. And with your mild approach, you will do well in courting wavering Republicans like myself!

        • Rupert in Springfield

          Oh my God, are you seriously still trying to pull this wavering Republican routine?

          Give it up man, at this point no one believes you on this one.

          You never miss a chance to criticize a Republican and never miss a chance to suck up to a Democrat.

          Maybe, and that’s a real slight if’fy maybe once a year you will say something positive about a Republican, but its exceedingly rare.

          A chance to suck up to “Retired UO prof”?

          You are there in an instant.

          A Chance to knock Republicans, at even the slightest opportunity? You will drive five miles out of your way just as you did below to go off on me.

          Look at your language, you never refer to Republicans as “my party” you always refer to them as “you guys” or something similarly distant.

          I will never understand the liberal theory that pretending to be a Republican establishes some sort of intellectual credibility. It doesn’t. All it does is establish the person as someone who either has a profound misunderstanding of what the party is about or a liar.

          Take your pick but if you think this “I’m a wavering Republican” routine is fooling anyone, you are more out of touch than I thought!

  • Jim Ray

    Once and for all—–Who gives a flying F what a Democrat, RINO, Communist, Socialist, etc., considers a “purge”?

    As far as I’m concerned, anyone who pays any attention to PUKES like Smith & Jenson are wasting their time. The Eagle Eyes & Retire Oregon Professors of Oregon—-who gives a crap about what they think about the Republican party or those of us CONSERVATIVES who should’ve “purged” the PUKES out a long time ago.

    Smith, Jenson, Winters, Berger, and many others should have been sent packing a long time ago! (anyone remember Mary Gallegos?)

    Any yeah I don’t like tax raisers like Brucie boy Starr and Larry George either. Check out your DMV fees if you think I’m mistaken.

    • current UO student

      You paying attention prof? How about you eagle eye?

      That’s how you build your base! That’s how you win elections! is home to the foremost political masterminds in Oregon.

      • eagle eye

        It’s sheer brilliance, I agree. And with Sizemore and Rupert on board (see below), this crew can’t fail!

        • Rupert in Springfield

          Well, I look at it this way, the trough feeder crowd like you is in the process of failing regardless of what Republicans do.

          Might want to check the polls in between gorging on the public dime and check your stats. Democrats are in some pretty serious trouble.

          I mean come on Wyden is polling below 50%

          An incumbent Democrat senator below 50%?

          That’s unreal.

          Oh yeah, and let’s not forget health care.

          Your union goon friends got their exemption from the health insurance tax and that was the kiss of death for the plan.

          Republicans don’t have to do jack – You guys are running yourself into the ground all on your own.

          Might want to lift your head up from slopping at the trough Eagle Eye, BO is driving you guys straight off a cliff!

          • eagle eye

            Brilliant, Rupert! And you’re right, the Democrats are quaking. Look what Sid Leiken did to De Fazio!

          • Rupert in Springfield

            They sure are, you guys cant even hold together a vote on health care!

            My God, you guys had control of the house and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate and had the first Democrat president to win with a majority of the vote in a generation.

            And you can’t even pass your signature issue because your guys are scared of losing their seats.


            Looks more like running for the hills.

            Buh Bye all you suddenly retiring Democrat senators, Buh Bye cap and trade. Buh Bye house and Senate majorities if you try and pull the nuclear option.

            Oh yeah, you guys are doing great. One year and you screw up a lead like that, now that takes talent!

            Oh wow, and how great are you guys doing back home in Oregon?

            Look at how Ted got shut down when he came for the kicker money to slop you trough feeders.

            Hmm, the publics apetite for raising taxes to slop you guys seemed to be gone less than 24 hours after the 66/67 vote.

            Salem shut Ted down in a heartbeat over that one. Dem leaders even stated explicitly that they would lose their majority with that strategy.

            They know which side their bread is buttered on. Raising taxes supposedly on the rich to pay for your union raise is easy. Raising taxes on everyone to slop you guys is a different matter obviously. At least thats what Salem told Ted.

            Well, with all that, you seem to think you guys are on the upswing.

            Good luck with that one pal.

            Look to lose a lot of seats in November. Salem knows it, DC knows it, and apparently you are the only guy out there who doesn’t.

            Then again you also think you are a Republican!

          • eagle eye

            You’re right. I should just pull a Ronald Reagan, admit that “my party” left me, and re-register. Not as a Democrat, but an Independent. Will that make you feel better?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            Well, it would make you more honest.

            After all, to come up with a statement like that you obviously have no concept about what the Republican party has been about in your or my lifetime.

            You want higher taxes to slop you and your union buddies at the public trough. That’s pretty much all you are about.

            Sorry guy, the Republican party has never been about taxing the productive to pay for the sedentary.

            If you ever actually were a Republican you obviously joined under a false apprehension.

            You are a Democrat, and if you can think of thing one where you disagree with your parties platform and agree with the Republicans Id be willing to listen.

            I don’t think you can.

            I have a feeling if I asked you that question in a bar point blank it would take you several minutes to come up with an example.

          • eagle eye

            You mean one of those bars in Springfield that are about to lose their licenses?

    • eagle eye

      Jim, thanks for your warm appreciation. And it hadn’t occurred to me that Starr and George should be on the purge list too. Thanks again!

    • retired UO science prof

      Jim — you are a great example of why I left the Republican Party especially the state party, some time ago to become an independent. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

    No, a “purge” would be giving up on them after they win primaries. Right now, there are better choices running and we should support them. That’s what primaries are for.

  • valley p

    Is it just my imagination or was it Oregon voters who enacted the tax increase by a fairly strong margin? If it was the latter then how could it be unpopular? Maybe “true conservatives” need to purge themselves and move to Dixie.

    • Anonymous

      The ballot measure system is now hopelessly corrupt. When yes means no and no means yes and wording is written by the left then approved by the left, the results will be skewed.

      Saddam Hussein was “elected” by a virtually unanimous “vote.” Did that mean the people loved him?

      Oh, and why is it that when a bad idea wins by a small percentage, the liberals say “THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN” in triumph – but when a bad idea sees cratering support, like Obama care, the liberals say “THE PEOPLE JUST DON’T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT THIS”?

  • Bill Sizemore

    If these two guys were from marginal districts where a true conservative couldn’t win, it would be foolish to take them out in a primary. But that’s not the case. They both represent what are generally considered safe Republican districts and did not have to vote for the tax increases. They should both face serious challenges in the primary.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      What remarkable lucidity. Thank you.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    Is it just my imagination or does it no where in the article claim that the tax measures were unpopular?

    If so then what is the purpose of pretending that the popularity of the tax measures was in question?

    BO once was popular, not so much anymore. Health Care reform once polled well, now its in hospice. Democrats once were popular, now they stand a very real chance of losing the Senate.

    Maybe those of us who have a propensity to characterize people by where they live or what they look like should purge themselves of the propensity to make such statements and move into the 21st century, or at least get out of the 19th.

    • Anonymous

      What should be considered is that the tax measures were very unpopular IN THESE TWO DISTRICTS. Both these “representatives” voted against the wishes of their constituents.

      See Bill’s comment above.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        True, as they were unpopular in a majority of districts ( just by district count, not population ) as I recall.

        My comment was more in reply to Dean aka vally p. Forgot to hit the “reply” button, my mistake.

        • valley p

          I did not claim that the article said the tax measures were unpopular. My point is the following. Why would Republicans purge representatives who essentially voted the same way a large majority of Oregonians did? I would think Republicans, particularly the elected ones, would want to have at least a few members be on the same side as the people (majority), but I guess that was a wrong assumption.

          • Steve Plunk

            Republicans could very well believe the people approved the tax measures because they were either fooled by the campaign or felt they had to because of the threatened cuts to schools. Both are reasonable explanations.

          • valley p

            You can choose to believe whatever you want, but those 2 Republicans voted with the majority of Oregonians. If you have no room in your party for people who are with the majority, then you have a permanent minority party.

          • Steve Plunk

            I guess we’ll see when the election rolls around. I do believe the momentum is clearly with the Republicans.

            You’re funny. You ask a question then discount the reasonable answer without offering any support for your own position.

          • CD1 GOP Chair

            I am always amused by how leftists like to tell conservatives in general and the Republican Party in particular how we should run our party or conduct elections. Sorry, guys – that’s the point. We don’t want you running our candidates, our party or our lives.

          • valley p

            “We don’t want you running our candidates, our party or our lives. ”

            Nor do we leftists want to run your candidates or your lives. Your last Oregon governor left office in 1988, and you have an ex basketball player who has never been elected to anything as your likely next candidate. There are 200,000 more registered Democrats in Oregon than Republicans. You are way down in the House and Senate. Clearly you do not need any unsolicited advice.

            “I guess we’ll see when the election rolls around. I do believe the momentum is clearly with the Republicans.”

            We agree on both counts. But “momentum” can shift overnight, November is a long way off, and you are presently in a deep electoral hole. To the extent you continue to purge moderates from your party, I don’t think that bodes well for your prospects. Most of the nation and state are neither left nor right. They are practical.

          • eagle eye

            You guys here must be thrilled with the Republican senatorial candidate — a law professor! I can’t wait to hear what Jerry et al. will make of this.

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