Lars Larson: National ID Cards

The last thing anybody in America needs is a National ID Card.

The Wall Street Journal broke the story. The Obama Administration is getting ready to roll out the idea of a National ID Card with your fingerprints embedded in it. The ostensible reason? To try to go after the illegal alien problem.

The problem is, the Democrats don’t see the illegal aliens as a problem. They see them as a supply of fresh voters and fresh Union members.

They are going to suggest that if we have a biometric National ID Card it will solve our national security. It will go after the illegal aliens. But, what I also expect them to sneak into the bill is the same agenda the president talked about when he gave that speech in Guadalajara last year. He wants amnesty and a path to citizenship.

The last thing America should do is reward 12 million people for breaking our laws for the better part of a decade.

No National ID Card.

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  • Rupert in Springfield

    Wow, what a controversial issue.

    Oh wait, that’s right, this would be controversial if Bush had done it, but like the wiretapping it’s no big deal if Obama does it.

    When it comes to peoples civil rights it kind of make you scratch your head about the left. They seem to get more worked up about who is doing the violating rather than any concern for the actual rights being violated.

    Makes you wonder if the really care about peoples rights at all.

    Well, actually more like it confirms things, they don’t.

    There is one thing this national ID card would absolutely positively solve on the identity front.

    Anyone who believes the administration is doing this to do something about the illegal alien problem has been identified as a confirmed fool.

  • Anonymous

    Long over due.
    With today’s technology every person should not only have a national ID number but a secure account to go with it. With this secure account, similar to your bank or utility accounts, workers, taxpayers and program recipients could handle all sorts of government business, voters could post all of their votes and even change them prior to election day polls closing.
    The possibilities are immense.

    • KS Patriot

      You mean, like, no one should be able to buy or sell without the mark- er, I mean the ID card?

      Sorry, but I don’t really want Big Brother aka the federal “government” being able to keep tabs on me 24×7 – “for my own good,” of course – so that they can control everything I do.

      “The natural progress of things is for liberty to yield, and government to gain ground.” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Joe Jericho

    Police State.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously, what rights are violated by this?

    What harm does it do you to have a card with your name, photo, and some basic identifying information on it?

    If you don’t think a driver license is a problem, why is this?

    And no, not everyone HAS to have a driver license. Or, for non-drivers, a state issued ID card. But you know who doesn’t?

    There are exactly two types of people without state issued ID of any kind

    1) Kooks


    2) People hiding from the law – criminals and illegal aliens

    If you are a LEGAL resident alien, you already have a government issued ID

    If you are a citizen and drive a car (legally), you already have a government issued ID

    If you are a student at any public school, you already have a state issued ID

    If you are collecting social security, you already have a state issued social security card


    • CD1 GOP Chair

      @ Anonymous

      I’m going to assume you were absent the day they talked about the US Constitution rather than that you really don’t get it, but the biggest problem is that a national ID violates the 10th Amendment.

      That, by itself, tramples on civil rights, don’t you think?

      • dartagnan

        According to the wingnutters, EVERYTHING Obama wants to do violates the 10th Amendment.

        But they weren’t bothered at all when Bush was illegally wiretapping Americans.

        It’s the IOKIYAR principle (It’s Okay If You’re A Republican).

      • Anonymous

        No, it does NOT violate the 10th Amendment. In Fact, this is one of those rare things that I believe is so obviously in the delegated powers of the federal government to oversee interstate commerce and national defense and to enforce privileges and immunities, that 10th Amendment analysis is absolutely laughable.

        And if you are worried about misuse, like the government tracking you, that may well be legitimate. But the solution is to punish abuse, not prevent proper use. You know, like guns. Punish criminals for misusing guns rather than keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >that 10th Amendment analysis is absolutely l


          We all know the propensity for mischief in the interstate commerce clause.

          However it simply cannot be argued that requiring me to walk around with a national ID card is an essential part of interstate commerce.

          To some extent we have already had this debate. Back when SS was passed there was this very concern, that SS would lead to a national ID card and that that was to be avoided. This is precisely why SS card say on them they are not valid for identification.

          The only thing that is truly laughable is that anyone, and I mean anyone, would fall for the idiotic line that BO is concerned about illegal aliens and thus wants a national ID.

          I mean seriously, does anyone actually believe BO is doing this to crack down on illegals?

          Doesn’t it occur to you that if someone is trying to put something in place based upon a lie, that they probably don’t have the greatest of intentions in the first place?

          • Anonymous

            Well, we may disagree over the policy, but I am in TOTAL agreement with you that BHO’s motivations are suspect and this has NOTHING to do with him wanting to crack down on illegal immigrants.

            But a broken clock is right twice a day, and even though BHO is totally wrong about just about everything, I still say a national ID card is a good idea.

          • Lola

            ok, i do not drive a car, never have. I’m 31 years old. I have a standard issue state ID card and i don’t always have it in my possesion; sometimes i change purses and forget my ID but its no big deal if i’m not going somewhere i might need it (to buy alcohol, or get on a plane). I like that freedom. As an american i expect that choice to be mine. I don’t need someone scanning the veins in the back of my hand, taking my fingerprint for buying groceries! And the fact that they hide behind “taking care of the illegals” thing is a complete joke!Oh, they’re guna take care of them all right….by granting them amnesty before issuing them a ID card like the rest of us..(gotta make sure guadalupe can get her vote in for obama next time around) why care about that problem now? i mean, 25+ years ago maybe, before they were already here using america has their private breeding ground and depleting our government resources (while americans hold card board signs asking for food).
            Maybe i don’t want to have my medical records and all my info with me at all times…last time i checked i wasn’t a jew and i didn’t live in Nazi germany…although i guess i might as well.
            There are so many people that don’t even know about the national id card! people that voted for obama! people who would be outraged if they knew…to them i say: WHO CARES ABOUT SOME HEPATITIS INFESTED WASHED UP BIMBO IN HOT PINK LYCRA DANCING AROUND? WHO CARES ABOUT HOW MANY HOOTERS WAITRESSES TIGER WOODS BONED? PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON! To the peeps who think its a good idea; awesome, you gelled perfectly into the mold they carved out for you. way to go.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >a national ID violates the 10th Amendment

        Got that right.

        The federal government simply is not granted the power under the constitution to require a federal ID card.

        Most people, especially on the left, have no concept of what the phrase “enumerated powers” means. This is a real good example of that.

        Why aren’t the Democrats all up in arms about this?

        Because its Obama!

        When Clinton was surveiling where people browsed on the internet, or scanned emails – the left had no problem.

        When they used Army jets and tanks to enforce search warrents under Clinton – the left had a problem.

        When Bush tapped overseas phone calls in the middle of a war, big problem.

        But now that we have Obama, the wire tapping continues and the abridgment of our rights expands

        and the left?

        NO PROBLEM!

        Its basically the unprincipled principle of the left – They have no principles, they only care about power. So long as they have it, any and all rights can be abrogated in the expansion of that power.

        Its basically why the left tends to have this recurring problem with genocide in so many of their regimes.

        • valley p

          “Its basically the unprincipled principle of the left – They have no principles, they only care about power. ”

          If that were at all true then the left would not be left, it would be as center as possible, because that is where you gain power.

          “Its basically why the left tends to have this recurring problem with genocide in so many of their regimes. ”

          Oy. “Left” as in Hitler, Franco, and Pinochet I presume?

        • Anonymous

          Please explain to me the harm in having a piece of paper than says who you are.

          Do you object to all state issued ID over privacy reasons?

          Do you object to social security cards, whether they are accepted as ID or not?

          Do you object to government issued birth certificates?

          How about driver licenses?

          The states issue this sort of thing all the time – is it just that you object to the federal government doing it (well, doing it more than it already is with social security etc)?

          If it strictly a 10th Amendment question – that is, if you only care about the federal government’s constitutional authority, and not the policy, then would you object to an amendment to the Constitution granting the federal government the authority to regulate and standardize identity documentation (like it does with, oh, money, postage, and all those other things in Article I Section 8)?

          What are you afraid the feds will do with your ID that states aren’t already doing with your driver license? Do you have any rational fears, or are you just afraid of ANYTHING that the government does?

          And remember, this is coming from a limited government guy. I want the feds OUT of healthcare. I want the feds OUT of gun control. I want the US OUT OF THE UN. I think 90% of what the federal government does is a complete load of crap, unconstitutional, a waste of taxpayer money and an infringement on our rights and liberties… and I think a national ID card is a good idea.

          So please, articulate an actual reason to be opposed to the policy of a nationally standardized form of personal identification. Not buzz words about civil liberties, big government, or the mark of the beast. Actual things that you believe will happen to you as a result of this.

          • Merinas van der Lubbe

            I doubt if much of anything is going to happen to *me*, personally.

            However, future generations will be required to present their ID cards (or fingerprints… Or eyescans… Or DNA…) to even so much as walk into a Government facility. Their vehicles will be equipped with readers which allow only selected persons to drive them – which access will be allowed or denied at the whim of the Government.

            And yes, everything anyone can buy or sell will be allowed or disallowed, at the point of sale, at the whim of the Government. A massive – and possibly global – database will be used to allow or disallow anyone and everyone from purchasing anything the Government deems “dangerous” at the moment, on an individual basis (For Your Security, of course).

            You see, the peril we face is that we are putting in place the *building blocks* for such a system. At this point in history, we have the choice of not putting those building blocks in place, but once they are in place it will be impossible to remove them and the combination of them into a cybernetically driven totalitarian nightmare will be inevitable. Yes, issuance of a national ID card probably won’t affect you in the immediate future – but your grandchildren will curse your memory for your not having prevented it while there was still a chance to do so.

            The sad thing is that very, *very* few of our Legislators are even capable of understanding the potential for this. The technology has become available far in advance of the capability of the average person, much less a Legislator, to understand it. They are enacting laws which create the building blocks such as “National ID”, the Instant Check system used for firearms purchases, and other seemingly benign so-called “Tools”, without even being capable of recognizing the diabolical potential in what they are doing. On the few occasions when anyone can get them to listen, they act as though whoever is talking to them is a paranoid conspiracy theorist, or at best argue that “we’ll put safeguards in place”, etc… But in this particular type of situation, where the systems will obtain a life of their own, so to speak, we will reach a point from which there will be no turning back the clock. Our only choice is not to make the mistake in the first place.

            The final irony is that yes, a National ID card – if the use of it were ruthlessly enforced – probably would assist in ridding us of the “Illegal Aliens” (and believe me, I’d like to drop the lot of them off in Mexico – from 2000 feet in the air). But it will also set in motion the eventual enslavement of our entire nation to a nightmare of cybernetic tyranny the nature of which which our generation cannot even begin to visualize.

  • Brittanicus

    E-Verify is like a revolving door, that has comes into existence by law. But if it works too good like any good enforcement tool, less honorable politicians will try to rescind it. Using all their influence at their disposal Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid, Speaker Pelosi nearly managed to get it tabled before it left the Senate. Infuriated by this, these lawmakers instituted another method to try and pry it from enforcement purposes. My guess is Janet Napolitano, who has never been good at accepting enforcement of immigration law, from the time she was Governor of Arizona. Came to the Democratic parties aid and used what she hired a non-biased company to research the success rate of E-Verify. But being supposedly non biased doesn’t necessary mean your not politically influenced by serious donations or grants from a government agency or a outside commercial entities. It will be the same with the National ID card? Don’t know the rights or wrongs of it, but it will be yet another issue that is balanced on enforcing immigration laws, national security and personal privacy.

    Every non-prejudiced think tank, foundation or other so called non-profit is somehow swayed by an injection of money or other reward. E-Verify is subject to the same rules of every other piece of software, that it is only as good as the injection of government data-bases. Errors are bound to happen and that it already has a very successful rate of pinpointing illegal workers, It cannot be scrapped just because a lot of fraudulent ID carrying workers sneak through the applications barriers. In months to come more tools will improve its performance, that will halt illegal immigrants taking American jobs. We must remember Sen. Schumer has a poor record on immigration enforcement, that why himself and his friendly obstructionists are trying to distract us, with yet another innovation. It’s a big ruse, as its always been. In 1986 the legislators promised the American people, that there would never be another AMNESTY

    At least that’s what the late Ted Kennedy proclaimed? But we all know the government or its public servants, never tell the truth. So here we go again, pushing for another AMNESTY of even more mind numbing proportions. Outside of the fact that millions more will try to gain entrance to America’s doors, before any kind of AMNESTY takes effect? Where are they going to get the money for processing? The millions that are here? The millions that will keep on coming? The Criminals will stay in the shadows, those who are deportable will not be processed. Whatever new enforcement is enacted, it is never going to work. Because its–NEVER–meant to work–or even enforced? The fence was never meant to be a real deterrent. ITS ALL ONE MONOLITHIC LIE. .That’s what’s happened to our country? The liberal, far-left socialist in the Democratic party has seen to that. Its even scary to think of the–BILLIONS–of dollars will be pried by the IRS, to support those already here and the millions who will definately come.


    Those illegal workers who think they have got past the E-Verify barriers, who think they have sneaked through. Better think again. ICE will return at certain intervals and recheck I-9s and audit those very companies again. E-Verify will be eventually a permanent tool, fully funded or the majority of the American people will want to know why? JUST DO NOT LET UP AT CAUSING YOUR POLITICIANS HEARTBURN AT 202-224-3121.
    Don’t forget to give a livid mouthful to your lawmakers in each state.

  • Just Sayin

    If we put forth a bill now that adds a “Poison Pill” to the immigration issue we could squash the whole deal. In other words any person or group granted amnesty by the government is not allowed to vote for 4 years and only after paying any fines and processing.

  • Brodhead For Congress

    We need to replace Janet Napalitano with Duncan Hunter in 2012. Then we need to complete all of the 854 mile double row border fence. We need to use E-verify, and punish businesses that employ illegals. It is funny how Juan McCain supported amnesty, and Cap and Trade? Now his buddy lindsey Graham has taken it upon himself to write another amnesty bill. My word.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with you.

  • Anonymous

    Lars has made a mistake in his presentation. He talks about the ID card. Then he says the President wants amnesty. The two may be related, but do not have to be connected. We can have the national ID cards, and still reject amnesty.

    Now if we are given legislation that says “implement national ID and also give amnesty,” then we should reject it. But if national ID is a stand alone bill, why not support it?

  • Brittanicus

    For interested parties a new caucus is being formed called , “RECLAIM AMERICAN JOBS.? The American people need to fight back against the illegal immigration occupation, before it too late. Our nation is suffocating under the relentless invasion, that our politicians have ignored for decades. For reasons beyond most peoples understanding, they have blocked any successful way of restrictions of foreign nationals, that have swarmed into every community in this nation. The numbers from government sources and other biased sources proclaim there are only 10 million, with numbers dwindling. However nobody in there right mind believes these numbers, as they have drudged up consistently over the last 10 years ago, without any change.. Tuscon Border Agency says for every one person, that is apprehended 9 disappear into our country. My guess by that, the numbers are infinitely far more. In the neighborhood of 20 to 30 million. 8 million illegal workers at the least escaping detection in the job market and that’s why we need E-Verify?

    Perhaps that is why our government has sided with the business sector, to just identify–ONLY–new hires. Therefore, millions are not discovered, because they are already working somewhere.undetected. Federal, state county and city don’t want you to know, who has already slipped past any enforcement process. I suggest that’s why E-Verify has become a menace to corporate welfare. But E-Verify had gained plenty of momentum, and the Democratic leadership led by Sen. Reid, Speaker Pelosi couldn’t slip it past public awareness or popularity amongst HONEST BUSINESSMAN. Even Republicans cannot shift the whole blame on Democrats, as equal indifference must be attributed to both politico’s.. Of course we always need exceptional highly skilled engineers, scientists, technical personnel, but we certainly do not require semi-skilled workers, or non-skilled, low income, poor foreign nationals who will become a public taxpayer charge, as it is now?

    Now we the American people must contend with another Amnesty, Assuming President Obama can force it through. but who pays for the millions already here, or those who try to slip past before the signing. Another amnesty just means more will try to get here, thinking a third will be past at some future date. Not just the overworked border agency, but expired tourist and students at airports. So much is involved in processing new immigrants, that the whole weight falls on the taxpayers. Once here they can sponsor more family members, including those who would spend uncompensated time in emergency rooms. Another burden for luckless taxpayers. Just read the predicament the Sanctuary State of California.

    This really is the time when jobless American or any citizen and legal resident needs be a member of RECLAIM AMERICAN JOBS caucus. Only together can we stop this travesty of our immigration laws? Whatever our party consideration, we need to make it clear to all politicians that America belongs to THE PEOPLE-not to the open border demented fools, pariah businesses or the politicians themselves. There are three main enforcement tools within the United States. E-Verify, 287(g) local police alien enforcement and ICE raids. Reps. Lamar Smith (R-TX), Gary Miller (R-CA) and Sue Myrick (R-NC) have formed the Reclaim American Jobs Caucus to raise public awareness of the connection between illegal immigration and unemployment. To pressure the Obama Administration to vigorously enforce the laws against the employment of illegal aliens, work to implement legislation that will protect U.S. jobs from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to make E-Verify mandatory) Working to defeat legislation that will put U.S. jobs at risk from the impact of illegal immigration (especially to defeat amnesty.)

    The Tea party movement have many objections to the Republican usurpers and the majority certainly don’t agree with Dick Armey. But then Steve Poizner would be a great win for California, as he promised he would halt the draining of public entitlements to illegal aliens and give full reign to ICE to investigate and place in detention the millions of foreign families living illegally there. Certainly Governor Schwarzenegger did nothing and allowed this epidemic to spread statewide. California taxpayers have been shoved to the back, when they voted for Proposition 176–eliminating benefits to illegal families. The schools system has slowly deteriorated to the bottom rungs of performance with crammed classes of illegal immigrant children and the inability of teachers to offer a decent education to the offspring of American parents. In the last decade the prison system has been the place of last resort, for the rising crime rate of illegal immigrants from across the globe. Border state hospitals including California are overrun by illegal alien families who cannot afford to pay, leaving the bill for the taxpayers to collect the tab.

    Go to to learn the ropes. Don’t forget to call your Senator or Representative at 202-224-3121. Don’t forget to give your state incumbent lawmaker an ultimatum; NO RE-ELECTION VOTE. We are a sympathetic people, but Americans must come first and any lawmaker who represents the illegal immigrant, must be kicked out of office. This is not mean-spirited, this is survival of our nation, our flag and our language. American jobs for American people. Learn about the rampant corruption at OVERPOPULATION is another hidden issue, that will cause major environmental problems by 2040.

    No copyright for comments, blogs or articles. Distribute it to the people. copy and paste.

  • Henry Masingale

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  • Henry Massingale

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