Lars Larson: National ID Cards

The last thing anybody in America needs is a National ID Card.

The Wall Street Journal broke the story. The Obama Administration is getting ready to roll out the idea of a National ID Card with your fingerprints embedded in it. The ostensible reason? To try to go after the illegal alien problem.

The problem is, the Democrats don’t see the illegal aliens as a problem. They see them as a supply of fresh voters and fresh Union members.

They are going to suggest that if we have a biometric National ID Card it will solve our national security. It will go after the illegal aliens. But, what I also expect them to sneak into the bill is the same agenda the president talked about when he gave that speech in Guadalajara last year. He wants amnesty and a path to citizenship.

The last thing America should do is reward 12 million people for breaking our laws for the better part of a decade.

No National ID Card.

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