Sen. Boquist: Two bills worthy to save

boquistbillsOregon State Senator has two bills left to pass before the maddening deadline
By Taxpayer Association of Oregon

Senator Brian Boquist (R-Dallas) is working hard as the legislative session grows more intense. “Nobody is safe until after July 11, 2015, the last day of the Legislature, as new bills are appearing and discarded bills are rising from the dead,” said Boquist.  Most committees have already shut down. In an effort to keep them alive, many bills from other committees were put into the Rules Committee and Revenue, two of the committees that are still functioning. Sen. Boquist serves on both of these committees, so he’s working on a myriad of bills.

In the midst of the scramble, Sen. Boquist is carrying two bills in the Senate he hopes to get passed.

– House Bill 2465 modifies the requirements related to school enrollment a person under age 18 must meet before being issued driving privileges.

– House Bill 3125 exempts from property taxation qualified machinery and equipment used to process grain.

“Fast-paced changes [are] happening in the waning weeks of the Oregon State Senate,” he said. “In the next three days, watch the papers or sign up for alerts on OLIS [the Oregon Legislative Information Site].”

You can read House Bill 2465 here and House Bull 3125 here