Lars Larson: Should the government compare your paycheck to everyone else?

If you’re not already convinced that the President and the Congress and the rest of the government are too involved in your life, try this one on for size. How would you like them looking at your paycheck and comparing it to everyone else?

Our friends at Cybercast News Service point out that there is a brand new bill being considered by a Senate panel, while we’re all distracted with the Health Care bill. It would empower the Federal government to collect payroll information of private companies and try to find gender-based pay discrimination.

Now, I’m sure that’s not going to be very hard to do. There are plenty of occasions where you can say, “This man makes a larger paycheck than this woman even though they are basically doing the same job.” Think about your own workplace for example.

But, would you like the government to go on that kind of fishing expedition? To try to find more “guilty” Americans and insert government more into our lives? I certainly don’t.

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