Video: 90 seconds to government health care

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  • Steve Buckstein

    For those who want a little more than the 90-second version of government run health care, you are cordially invited to read the 2,409 page Senate bill that the House may vote on this weekend:

    But, please, no comments on it here until you’ve read every word. You might miss something that would change your whole point.

  • dartagnan

    It isn’t “government-run health care” and you know it. Stop lying.

  • valley p

    Its entertaining, and seems pretty accurate up until the last part. Grandma will lose her Medicare? I don’t think so. And had it not been for Democrats she wouldn’t have any Medicare to lose. Your taxes will go up? Sure, if you make more than $200K a year. That is about 4% of Americans.

    Why not add “death panels” back as well?

  • Kill the Bill

    Valley p…no grandma won’t lose her Medicare but she will lose her medicare advantage program and for the 10.5 million seniors that have medicare advantage plans that is an enormous loss. You better read-up on the fine print of this bill if you think only 4% of the Americans will pay.

    This may get you awake long enough to do some research before you totally are chained to the government…

    • Young people. If the government mandates that everyone must have health insurance, healthy young people will have to buy policies that don’t reflect the low risk they have of getting sick. The House and Senate bills do let insurers set premiums based on age, but only up to a 2-to-1 ratio, versus a real-world ratio of 5 to 1. This means lower prices for older (and wealthier) folks, but high prices for the young. “They’ll have sticker shock,” says Rep. Paul Ryan, ranking Republican on the Budget Committee.

    Perhaps you would like to read this entire article…

    • valley p

      I stand corrected. People will have to buy themselves insurance, and businesses with more than 50 workers will also have to do so. As for grandma (and I’m getting near that age myself,) she is getting a pretty good deal and ought to be willing to pay a bit more for her subsidized Advantage program so that her kids and grandkids can get health insurance. I know my own mom and grandma would have felt that way. They would have wanted to “share the wealth” so to speak. Those who would rather leave their grandkids uninsured so they could get free spa treatments are beneath my contempt.

      As for healthy young people. Yeah, they are low risk. Their mandatory purchase of a comprehensive policy will also be heavily subsidized. Your approach results in a lot of personal bankruptcy, which is what we presently have. That may become a thing of the past after this Sunday.

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