Chattanooga shooting and Islamic terrorism – the ‘I’ word


by Lars Larson

We know a man murdered four United States Marines. What we don’t know is the motive. I’ll bet you’re hearing that a lot today.

But why the mystery? When a cop shoots a black criminal, the President and half of America immediately conclude “racism”. When a nut who likes Confederate flags kills, conclusions are quickly drawn. If a victim is gay, why it must be a bias crime.

But when a devout Muslim, named Muhammod Youssuf Abdulazeez and who just returned from time in the Middle East, deliberately targets the American military, you’ll see a lot of folks on CNN and your local news channels with a quizzical look on their faces wondering out loud “what in the world could have caused that”?

And the President… who calls out racial motives any day of the week, but who is equally capable of ignoring the Fort Hood shooter’s cry of “Allah Akbar,” calls it a lone gunman attack and not terrorism.

At least the officials in Chattanooga didn’t follow that script.

America has seen a string of attacks on our own soil, against recruiting centers, military installations and even at “draw Mohammed” contests. There is one common factor, but the one thing you can count on: when they describe the terrorism in media, you’ll never hear them say the “I” word.