Radio host wife, education advocate runs against Sen. Devlin

Mary Kremer challenges Richard Devlin for State Senate seat

Salem, OR — Mary Kremer, a local education advocate, has announced that she will run for Senate District 19 on a platform of job creation, economic growth and stable school funding.”The only way we can have long term stability for the services we care most about is a strong and thriving economy,” said Kremer. “The policies enacted by a monopoly party in state government have resulted only in longer unemployment lines. I plan on putting working Oregon families first and getting our state back on track.”Kremer’s top priorities are creating a healthy private sector, stabilizing education funding and bringing balance back to state politics. Kremer will be an advocate for job growth and policies that will foster an environment where businesses can thrive. Her passion for education gives her the tenacity and innovation needed to direct every possible dollar to classroom instruction, where it makes the most difference. Kremer is dedicated to ending the one-sided special interest policy making that has controlled state government for too long.

“I am committed to providing a balanced, solution-based voice for Oregon,” said Kremer. “The heavy-handed, no-compromise style of leadership that has plagued state government for so long has to stop. I believe Oregon has a bright future if we make tough decisions and sound investments today. That is why I am running for the State Senate.” Mary Kremer is an education advocate who has worked for the Oregon Connections Academy Parent’s Association. Her professional history includes work as the Vice President of Salomon Brothers, Inc. (now Citigroup) as a consultant on high yield corporate bonds, pension plans and state and local government bond reinvestment. She is a board member of Knova Learning, an extended-day charter school for low-income students. She has been an active volunteer with Dinner and a Movie, The Gladys McCoy Academy, Lake Oswego High School, and Riverdale Grade School.
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  • Cleon Cox III

    It is good to see someone with fresh new ideas come in to unseat a good ole boy Senator that seems to enjoy the benefits of tax and spend. We need new ideas and blood. Mary is more than concerned, she is dedicated.

  • Mark Scarborough

    Mary Kremer is a smart, diligent, caring person. She is absolutely right about the heavy-handed one-party control of Oregon’s state government. It is time for that to end. Oregon’s voters need to put people first, not government and lobbyists first. Fresh thinking instead of ‘business as usual’ in Salem.

  • Jack

    good for her

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    So, um, do I have to be the one to say it? She’s an extension of her husband’s terrible ideas. Those remarks are completely vapid and she seems to have no clue how the state is governed.

    Richard Devlin will eat her as part of a balanced breakfast. He’ll have to find the substance of that breakfast elsewhere, though.

    • Typical

      Very nice, bronch. Do you know her? She said we have a monopoly party in state government – sounds to me like she has a clue about how this state is governed.

      She was a VP at Salomon Brothers. I guess accomplished, strong females bother you. Can you tell me anything in Devlin’s professional background that is anything close to this level? Wasn’t he an insurance investigator before getting into politics? Wow, impressive.

      I love your posts on conservative blogs. You prove every time what a dolt you are.

      • eagle eye

        Ah, you elitist! You must be one of those rich lefties, a lot of them on Wall Street. And you’re baiting him with the same logic as the race baiters. “You disagree with this black person so you must be a racist”.

        But her husband Rob is a smart guy too. University of Chicago and all that. And you know what? He got slaughtered something like 2-1 by Susan Castillo. Whose background in education was what, being a TV announcer?! I hope his wife does better than she did.

      • Bronch O’Humphrey

        Salomon Brothers!? I didn’t know THAT piece of her history!

        Was this before or after the huuuge scandal where they were submitting false bids to the Treasury to try and steal more bonds than legally allowed?

        Before or after their multi-trillion-dollar scheme of junk bonds?

        Before or after Salomon helped create Long Term Capital Management, gaming millions of investors out of their wages?

        Is this the kind of government we want? You kids on this site are always crowing about how you want your tax dollars spent, and now you want to elect a woman from one of the sleaziest groups of thieves Wall Street ever housed?

        How is that going to put more Oregonians back to work when she’s in the legislature trying to cook the books?

        • Get your facts straight

          Are you really this much of a dope? No, we get it. You’re just a union troll, and therefore don’t even have to pretend you know what you are talking about. Which you don’t.

          Salomon submitted “false bid” to try and “steal” bonds? Hmmm. No, pal, the head of the bond desk tried to circumvent the treasury limits on how much of a bond action one company could bid for. He was fired. In terms of financial scandals, not all that big of a deal.

          Long Term Capital Management was NOT Salomon Brothers. It was an ex-employee. And all it was was a high flying hedge fund that went bad. That is the risk of the game. The investors lost money. So what? It was nothing close the the level of, say, PERS, where the public sector is ripping of taxpayers and has a $17 billion unfunded liability. Or Social Security, the biggest Ponzi scheme ever, with a $57 trillion unfunded liability.

          Then you say Salomon was in a “multi-trillion-dollar” junk bond scheme. Laughable. Drexel was the company that created and then was destroyed by the junk bond market. Salomon was a marginal player in that market at best. And guess what? The financing of takeovers and startups that junk bonds drove created some companies that are big employers today. Nothing like that government created junk bond fiasco we are still being crushed by: Sub-Prime Mortgages.

          Thank you for being such an open idiot. It is high entertainment value.

  • Bob Clark

    Oregon does indeed have a lot of economic potential if it only had the political will to grow economically at

    a much greater pace. Oregon sits at the gateway to Asia and sports technology, lumber, and agriculture

    to name a few biggies. Streamlining state government, deregulating, and redirecting more of the state’s

    budget towards a diverse set of educational resources to support higher end economic production

    would be a boon for Oregon’s economy. More Marys for Senate, House and Governor.

  • Not Your Friend Ever

    Hey DUMMY BRONCH O’HUMPHREY: Guess you must be a big supporter of that fat ass, union money sucker Devlin who hasn’t had a fresh idea enter his brain in a decade. It’s truly amazing that such a worthless LOSER has held public office as long as he has. Time to kick worthless fatties like Devlin to the curb in 2010!

  • Anonymous

    Bronch OEA Humphrey,

    What idea of her or her husband’s was bad?

    What idea has Devlin ever had but to follow the union orders?

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