Radio host wife, education advocate runs against Sen. Devlin

Mary Kremer challenges Richard Devlin for State Senate seat

Salem, OR — Mary Kremer, a local education advocate, has announced that she will run for Senate District 19 on a platform of job creation, economic growth and stable school funding.”The only way we can have long term stability for the services we care most about is a strong and thriving economy,” said Kremer. “The policies enacted by a monopoly party in state government have resulted only in longer unemployment lines. I plan on putting working Oregon families first and getting our state back on track.”Kremer’s top priorities are creating a healthy private sector, stabilizing education funding and bringing balance back to state politics. Kremer will be an advocate for job growth and policies that will foster an environment where businesses can thrive. Her passion for education gives her the tenacity and innovation needed to direct every possible dollar to classroom instruction, where it makes the most difference. Kremer is dedicated to ending the one-sided special interest policy making that has controlled state government for too long.

“I am committed to providing a balanced, solution-based voice for Oregon,” said Kremer. “The heavy-handed, no-compromise style of leadership that has plagued state government for so long has to stop. I believe Oregon has a bright future if we make tough decisions and sound investments today. That is why I am running for the State Senate.” Mary Kremer is an education advocate who has worked for the Oregon Connections Academy Parent’s Association. Her professional history includes work as the Vice President of Salomon Brothers, Inc. (now Citigroup) as a consultant on high yield corporate bonds, pension plans and state and local government bond reinvestment. She is a board member of Knova Learning, an extended-day charter school for low-income students. She has been an active volunteer with Dinner and a Movie, The Gladys McCoy Academy, Lake Oswego High School, and Riverdale Grade School.
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