New Chris Dudley Video: More stimulus waste

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  • Tim McCafferty

    A basketball arena paint job for $85k? Then I heard about the $300 million dollar something or other. Is this suppose to be a point being made. I thought he was educated at an Ivy League School. $85,000.00 thousand, out of $300,000,000.00? I guess he was’nt a journalist major, right?

    Is this the cause that inspired him to run for the Govenor’s mansion. Willing to raise millions of dollars to get a job worth $93,600.00 a year because of the $85,000.00 to paint an arena? I tell you what, if we agree to raise the $85,000.00, then you can let the many thousands of Oregonians benefit from long neglected public projects, and infastructure improvements. The jobs, infusion of capital to the local economy, maybe not just the balance sheet of a huge bank?

    Or maybe you have no chance of winning a statewide election, and the Democratic Leadership will follow it’s mandate from the last election to fix, and change the mess left by Republicans.


  • nonsense

    I’m sure the painter who was put to work on this stadium and who is now paying income taxes back into the general fund and not collecting unemployment appreciates the compliment. If Dudley cares about funding higher education, how is he planning on raising the additional funds? More taxes? Or what program is he going to cut to divert the money to colleges and universities?

  • Bob Clark

    The state government has been controlled largely by the Demoncrats for this past decade, and so, I think

    Dems should be ascribed many Oregon’s current problems, like higher than national average employment

    and sinking real disposable incomes.

    That said, Chris does need to shore up his presentation. What a sad govenor’s race: Kitzhaber the

    retread, Badbury the luddite, Allan Alley the RINO, and new comer Dudley. No mafia, armtwisting lemon

    car salesman like Obama in this group, however, and so not all bad. Badbury comes the closest to awful,


    • Rupert in Springfield

      >Badbury comes the closest to awful,

      Hmm, I would say Bradbury is not close to awful, lets face it, he is awful. He ran the SOS office in such a ridiculously partisan manner I doubt even most Democrats would say he was anything close to fair. If elected its unlikely he would do anything other than throw money at government and continue the policies that have us in so much trouble.

      Kitzhaber at least has the advantage that he actually tried to do something that at least seemed to have a glimmer of hope – The Oregon Health Plan. Did it work out? No, it was a colossal failure. Was Kitzhaber’s original idea for it a good one? Absolutely. For that he deserves some credit. For not seeing how it would become twisted almost from the day of inception, he deserves some blame.

      I’m not saying Kitzhaber would make a good governor. I am saying that retread or not, at least in his time he brought some thinking to the office beyond that of most Democrats. He thought outside the box a little, that box usually being, how can I buy the public employee unions votes with taxpayer money. He deserves some credit for that, even if in the end OHP did not work out as intended.

  • valley p

    Wow. This guy is going to be a formidable, high intellect, high concept candidate that’s for sure. Eeek.

    If re-roofing and painting public assets are a waste of money, then letting the state’s capital stock decompose is what passes for conservatism? Why not complain about building an entirely NEW basketball arena at U Oregon? Why build anything? Then you just have to take care of it right? Can’t we educate students like in the old days…sitting in a circle around a campfire. Hell, it was good enough for the Indians.

    • reply

      It’s a minor point, but the basketball arena at U of O is being funded with bond levied against projected gate receipts. It’s a dumb project, but it isn’t being paid for with taxpayer dollars, nor does it affect the state’s bonding capacity.

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    It seems like there’s something that conservatives, liberals, RINOs, DINOs, IINOs, whathaveyou can agree on: Chris Dudley would be a terrible governor and would act as a George W Bush-esque stuffed shirt parroting the talking points of his RNC/beltway handlers.

    I’m fairly convinced he has no clue about what the state government does. Or what the governor does, for that matter.

    But then again, it’s not like Teddy K has provided a great example. “Oh, so the governor just cuts budgets and test-drives electric vehicles? That job sounds easy!”

    • Rupert in Springfield

      >I’m fairly convinced he has no clue about what the state government does. Or what the governor does, for that matter.

      So you are saying the move from Kulongosky to Dudley would be a lateral one?

      • Bronch O’Humphrey

        I don’t know, Rupert. What do you think? I know we disagree on many things, but I think there are some obvious lines of agreement in terms of 1) qualifications of many of the dolts (from all parties and no parties) running for office and 2) loving this state and wanting to make it better.

        Teddy K at least was a lawyer/judge, so therefor understood the law, but that didn’t mean he was able to creatively and effectively craft policy, defend and promote the policies he supported, or work well in the legislature to achieve his goals.

        Dudley, I imagine would be better at publicly defending his stances, because he’s a pro athlete and used to being a public figure, but he just seems like the kind of guy who has never given a second thought to the government, politics or any policy ideas or issues, so he’s being groomed and manufactured by RNC/beltway gurus.

        Which, by the way, is the same way we got people like Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush. And here in Oregon, that can be horribly detrimental, as our politics (whether on taxes or natural resources or education) are VERY different from those of DC or anywhere else in the country.

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