Lars Larson: Striking back against the federal government

Do you want a way to strike back against the federal government that’s declared war on you? I’ve got an idea.

I know a lot of you feel as though the federal and state governments have declared war on you. Especially with this Obama Health Care. You are wondering, what can I do? They’re going to send 16,000 IRS agents after me.

Well, here’s possibly a legal way to do it. On April 1, play an April Fool’s trick on your government. Reduce your withholding to zero, or as close to zero as possible. Do it through your companies Human Resources Dept. Do it for one 30 day period.

Now, you could end up paying a little penalty at the end of the year, but that’s about 12 months away when you pay your federal taxes. In the meantime, Uncle Sam develops a multi-billion dollar hole in his pocket and you do it nearly free of charge.

How’s that for an idea to get back at the federal government that’s declared war on American citizens.

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