GOP debates SHOULD ask the tough questions


by Lars Larson

A few thoughts on the Trump debate question as the dust settles. I’ve never been shy about my admiration for Trump for forcing the GOP to seriously discuss important issues the Establishment wants buried. But I never held back my opposition for a Presidential candidate who says

1) I want the GOP nomination

2) I might run against the GOP nominee if it’s not ME!

3) I think Hillary is so bad she “should be in jail


4) If you don’t give The Donald the Nom, I’ll put Hillary in the White House.

Americans need to remember that every candidate, no matter how much we like them, is an imperfect human being made in God’s image.

Now, as to the criticism of the debate questions.

As conservatives, we want HARD questions asked of D candidates and we should want the same of our own candidates.

GOOD candidates for the most important and powerful office in the world should be able to think on their feet and answer any question.

Most of us C’s think BHO is a childish wimp for being thin skinned about any criticism, no matter how valid or invalid.

Trump showed that same trait Thursday night.

As for the suggestion that a debate should just be a series of the same straight questions posed to all candidates (i.e. “How would you address the issue of illegal aliens”) – it would not be a debate but a series of tiny speeches we can hear in any of the speeches candidates give by the dozen.

Do we really want to adopt the Familiar Democrat Party stance that hard questions are fine, as long as you’re not asking them of MY candidate?

Some say the questions are too “personal”. Ridiculous. If you learned that one of the candidates had obtained an abortion for his daughter or wife (none have that I know), would it be off limits to ask how that squares up with the candidate’s pro-life position?

When it comes time to ask questions of Hillary and Bernie and Martin and Jim – will you criticize CNN if they ask (by the way, I don’t expect any such questions from Chicken Noodle News):

1) Mrs. Clinton, on the night you learned your people were under fire in Benghazi, did you demand of the President that he send anyone nearby with a gun (we now know there were people in just such a position who were ordered to stand down at the CIA annex) be sent immediately?

2) Did the President refuse?

3) Did you demand to know why?

4) If you had to do it over again… (the kind of question CNN peppered Bush with literally for year in re Iraq).

5) Did you consider resigning as SOS?

6) How does your inaction square with your “3AM phone call TV commercial”?

The questions are deeply personal as well as hugely important as a test of whether Hillary would put politics or people first as CIC.

NO similar question may be asked of Senator Sanders or Gov. O’Malley (although I would ask same of “12 gauge” Joe Biden if he runs.

Does that make the question off limits?

I hope not.

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  • Eric Blair

    Well, Lars, you are part of the establishment. I’ll go one further, and this is just my opinion, but you are a tool of the establishment.

    The questions you posed to Hillary Clinton are NOT deeply personal. At all. They are all related to her job when she was Secretary of State. You should do a little reflection and/or maybe ask people what “deeply personal” really means.

    • Don’t sit under an Appell tree

      Wholly-Bully your pharo-noid for Hillary. So whops your take on on Carly Fiorina, Eric ploy?

      • Eric Blair

        Why would you think I want Hillary for President? Fiorina is better than Trump. But then so is a dog turd.

        • Fido Mann

          Road Appells resemble the remark esp when comprised of Bernie Sanders.

        • crime dogger

          Swilly you survey know knot in US vs you douse in a left wing haute culture antichrist dispensation.

    • guess who

      Oh, you mean like why she has been terminated with cause from every job she has had except enabling a philandering husband.

      • Eric Blair

        I really think you’ve missed my point. Please read for comprehension.

        • Ben Agahstly

          Hillary takes a back-ass ward seat attending the nation. Fire her and stuff her husband up some silly jackass porn barn. Hillary Wipewater Cock Roachem is vernacular misery.

          • Eric Blair

            I truly wonder sometimes why OC tolerates this stuff.

          • Mirror on the wall

            Take a look at yourself silver ploy

  • Eric Blair

    Don’t engage trolls.

    • .

      Your faux trolling for affirmation marrowly escaped being donated for Plannned Parenthood exacerbation.

  • Belinda

    Why should Hillary answer any questions from anyone? She doesn’t have to, is not going to, so end of discussion. Not needed. Not at all.
    You people are crazy to keep picking on her. She is my hero.

    • Carly on Adgenda


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