Is Hillary’s campaign sinking?

sinking Hillary_thb

by NW Spotlight

There have only ever been two ships thought unsinkable: Titanic and Hillary Clinton’s coronation as the Democratic Party’s 2016 presidential nominee. The likelihood that both will have met a similar fate seems to be increasing daily.

FBI now has Hillary’s email server

The Washington Post reported earlier this week that “The e-mail server used by Hillary Rodham Clinton when she served as secretary of state was turned over to the FBI,” and “In addition to obtaining the old server, the FBI recently obtained a thumb drive in the possession of Clinton’s lawyer.” The FBI is interested in the server and the thumb drive because of “a referral from the intelligence community’s inspector general to the Justice Department in July.” Politico reports that “an inspector general found that Clinton had at least two ‘top secret’ emails stored on her unsecured computer network.” That inspector general is the U.S. intelligence community’s inspector general, Charles McCullough III.

For some perspective on how many of Hillary Clinton’s emails may have contained classified information, the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza has some good information in a video he put out this week. It helps put those “two ‘top secret’ emails” in context.

Info from WaPo on Hillary Clinton emails

(click to enlarge)

Based on that information in the Washington Post, 10% of the 40 emails given to the IG by the State Dept contained classified information – and if that proportion held true for the 30,000 emails Hillary Clinton has turned over to the State Dept – that would mean 3,000 Hillary Clinton emails, stored on her private server, contained classified information. She has denied on multiple occasions sending classified emails from her private server while she was secretary of state – including denials in March and July of this year.

The Huffington Post reported in March that “It remains to be seen whether Clinton could be found to have violated the Espionage Act, a law that the Obama administration has used repeatedly against whistleblowers.”

Panic mode for Dems

In a piece titled Dems near Clinton panic mode, The Hill quoted a Democratic strategist: “I’m not sure they completely understand the credibility they are losing, by the second.” The Hill also reported “The slew of unimpressive poll numbers is exacerbating the situation. Some have shown slippage against her main left-wing rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). Others have indicated her losing swing states against Republican opponents. Still others have revealed continuing weakness in her ratings on trustworthiness and favorability.”

This latest set of developments with Hillary Clinton’s private email server, coupled with her other scandals (Benghazi, Clinton Foundation, etc.) that are certain to get more attention as the campaign progresses, has led to the emergence of other candidates and potential candidates for the Democrats. Admittedly, the Dems will be scraping the barrel. As Florida U.S. Sen. Marco said during the first Republican presidential debate “God has blessed us. He’s blessed the Republican Party with some very good candidates. The Democrats can’t even find ONE!”

Bernie Sanders

CNN reports that “that Sanders is overtaking Clinton in New Hampshire, winning the support of 44% of voters compared to 37% for [Hillary Clinton],” and that while Clinton still has a significant poll lead in Iowa, “Sanders outpaces Clinton when Democratic caucusgoers are asked who is more honest and the gap is narrowing when it comes to who would better handle the economy.” Earlier this week, CNN ran a lengthy segment on how rapper Lil B had switched his support from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.

Joe Biden

VP Joe Biden is exploring a 2016 run for president, a possibility Allen West discussed last week. West wrote about Elizabeth Warren as the possible Democrat party nominee for vice president – part of what West described as the “liberal progressive dream ticket.”

Al Gore

ABC, The Hill, USA Today and others are even reporting on exploration of an Al Gore run for president in 2016.

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  • Jack Lord God

    I don’t think much of the public, and obviously democrats, are paying much attention to the specifics of the email story.Be honest, most people have no idea what a “server” is, and have no idea what a “private email server” is, or how it is functionally any different than sending and email using her state dept. address.

    What they do know is that there was no motivation to vote for Hill. She didn’t stand for some driving issue they care about and even the traditional reason, effectively an extension of Obamas two terms, doesn’t have a lot going for it. Unless you got an Obama phone, were one of the millions who got free disability scams or the like, I think most will be glad to see his eight years over. People are tired of defending him, and now Hillary trying to waltz in and people would have to pretend for another four years? Forget it.

    People want genuineness – That’s why Sanders and Trump are doing so well. You might not like either one, but they do speak their mind. People are tired of the bullshit – Obama railing against the rich and corporations, when they seem to have done amazingly well under him while the rest of the country suffered.

    The email thing is the least of HIlls problems. Her biggest problem is vagina possession is the only reason to vote for her. She has nothing else to offer or say. Real hard to run for president when you don’t like people, wont do interviews and are really horrible when you do.

    • DavidAppell

      “…were one of the millions who got free disability scams or the like…”

      Where is the evidence for this?

      • Jack Lord God

        The number of people receiving disability payments under Obama has skyrocketed. That leaves you with two choices – either Obamacare doesn’t work and everyone suddenly got disabled, or people are scamming the system. Since Obama is perfect and you can never criticize him you are only left with the second alternative.

        • Eric Blair

          Actually, they are not, and are decreasing. Which might imply that ACA is actually working. As for millions.. LOL.. in 2014 the number of awards was 810,000… the lowest number of applicants since 2005.

          There are currently more people receiving disability payments than ever before, but that’s because the number is cumulative over the years. The statistics for total number don’t reset to zero every year. 😉 Only one year,

          The termination rate is at the second highest for 2014 at 8.37% (the year 2000 saw the highest termination rate at 8.72%).

          So, what do you mean by skyrocketed? What was your source for that information?

          • Add harmony and gritz.

            and David Blair would like to occupy the Blair House in DC, if for no other reason, covets the positioning he’d like to be situated in.

          • NAFTA Refugee

            A couple years back, ok more than a couple, I was reading on the website for federal news radio that the number of “claims” for disability was indeed skyrocketing. It was mentioned that there was a strong correlation between people of baby boomer age (newly unemployed) and disability claims. The article also stated that agents were doing their job in keeping the claim numbers under control.

            In Oregon, it is common for disability claims to be backlogged up to four maybe five years. Some would even get sent down to California for processing only to be sent back up. Five years back then was considered the window of eligibility. Of course administrative rules are subject to change without notice. Some are even created and applied retroactively. Ex post facto protections do not apply here.

            NPR radio did a two hour monologue on their version of the lemon dance for unemployed baby boomers who would be shifted from one agency to another to another, biding their time till retirement age, social security kicked in, or their disability claim finally went through. Victims of the new economy?

            Statesman Journal Summer of 2004? 2005? Ran front page story for two days, (I believe it was a Monday and a Tuesday) on people who literally die, waiting for their disability claim to go through. One of the pictures (I have the newspaper around here somewhere on a shelf) is of an old man sitting down at a table hunched over a dozen pill bottles from Kaiser Permanente.

          • Eric Blair

            Well.. Jack should now certainly feel bad and chastised!

          • NAFTA Refugee

            Naaaaah. It’s all good.

        • DavidAppell

          “The number of people receiving disability payments under Obama has skyrocketed.”

          Prove it.

          • Robert

            He’d need to show how taking the oath of office effected the rate…. and what the long and short term trends are… and what policies caused any change…..

    • DavidAppell

      “…under him [Obama] while the rest of the country suffered.”


      • Jack Lord God

        More children living in poverty now than when he started would be my first piece of evidence. My second would be lowest participation in the labor force since that stat started being kept in the 70’s. Both of these have been widely reported – obviously you missed it. Might want to try something other than fauxnews?

        • DavidAppell

          Link to the data proving your first claim?

          • guest

            DA’s a missing link with reality, kinda like Eric Blair, HRC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz proprietary.

        • DavidAppell

          And why is a lower employment-to-population ratio a bad thing. Why are you against mothers and fathers deciding to stay home with their children?

  • DavidAppell

    Hillary Clinton can’t, of course, control who emails her. That’s why the FBI is looking at who sent her the information:

    • serville Chamberlains unwanted

      Think you’re Goreing off on a suspicious toot. Truth be known HRC is toast and the DNC deeply troubled by the events surfacing. She is not credible and the electorate is waking up to the smorgasbord of lies on the Clinton tableau and the oxymoron fallacies evident in the Obama administration.“`Time for a change and what Romney/Ryan hoped for may be accomplished by a host of GOP candidates including Carly Fiorina come November 2016. GBA and don’t allow other insurgents to tread on US further. .

      • DavidAppell

        My comment was about HClinton’s emails, not about her electoral possibilities. I won’t vote for her if she’s the Democratic candidate.

        • sCu

          Notice how Pontifical Pilates Appell washes his hands politically effectively attending HRC.

        • MrBill

          Who would you vote for? It’s probably none of my business, but now I’m curious.

          • Look out bellow

            Knot by the fluff of Hillary tanky-panky dry dee dry die: Better than moist, Carla Fiorina, who can clearly see foremost put a damp over the towel headings our state into a condemnatory status of ISIS.

          • DavidAppell

            None of your business.

          • .

            Under covers, DA might reveal $upport from Terry Bean to elevate a Sam Adams in salutary.

          • Blair houses similar addiction

            Gore figure. let’s efface it, DA supplicates to the lifestyle, enough so as to covet it.

        • Omen

          Lo, BernieSanders! OMG, what in the whorld is wrong with Carly Fiorina. pursers say?
          IMO, wake up the femoral weddings and a tart4sue that Hillary Conpassion Klingon who lies in compost mission., her arse belonging in Benghazi rover thar.

          • DavidAppell

            Wanns write that in English, maybe?

          • Jack Hammer

            Benghazi, you mite be rite for an ounce of scents

          • DavidAppell

            What did HClinton do wrong in Bengazi?

          • DA’s ciderhouse sours

            She lied because her 0300 alarm clock malfunctioned just like her Bosso Novena-bama!

  • DavidAppell

    “Law enforcement officials have said that Mrs. Clinton, who is seeking the 2016 Democratic nomination for president, is not a target of the investigation, and she has said there is no evidence that her account was hacked. There has also been no evidence that she broke the law, and many specialists believe the occasional appearance of classified information in her account was probably of marginal consequence.”

    — NY TImes, 8/14/15

    • Myke

      Your, supposedly, science background should tell you that an absence of something isn’t proof that it doesn’t exist, just that it isn’t readily apparent. Often, the appearance of wrong doing is just as bad as the act, even if it isn’t a precursor to an actual finding. And in Hillary’s case, her projected sense of entitlement, whether actual or not, is enough to turn her away.

      Then there’s always, “I won’t vote for her if she’s the Democratic candidate.” DavidAppell. One might hope that she does get the Democratic nod.

      • sCu

        Props and kudos, buenos notches you irascible son of a gun.

      • DavidAppell

        Just provide evidence that HClinton broke the law. You again refused to do so — or couldn’t.

      • Eric Blair

        When it comes to law in the United States, yes it does. Innocent until proven guilty operates on the premise that if proof doesn’t exist, then the person is innocent. And no, the appearance of wrong doing is not just as bad as the act. At least in a court of law (when it works correctly).

    • sCu

      Before predictable scrubbing, HRC’s private email of subjective penetrable ‘Maginot’ consequence.
      What’s Left after a NJ laundry job, findings “probably of marginal consequence.”

      • DavidAppell

        What crime has HClinton committed?

        • Maranatha

          Google it yourself you self anointed sack of Demanuer hors devours. The list is transparent, butt if you choose not to go there, that’s likely because you’re an insurgent agent for a New World Order, same as all that fallows in satanic history sans the promise given by God and his song sung by his arising son coming sooner than you can say something in an urbane dictionary.

          • DavidAppell

            You can’t say what HClinton’s crime are. WHen challenged, you just balked

          • .

            take a walk back to the Baath house for another cleansing devour, Cecil B Demdildo…

  • NAFTA Refugee

    Pleeeease let Al Gore run. I need more laughter in my life.

    • Eric Blair

      More than you have with the Republicans? I’m not sure they can be topped for humor.

      • NAFTA Refugee

        Trump makes me smile. He’s a one hit wonder. The border. I would like to hear his views on the middle east, Putin, post NAFTA economy. I’m sure you have some questions for him as well. You’ve shown insight.

  • B.Very Concerned

    Woe mon! Imagine HRC on a $10 bill and her Bill seated in the SCOTUS. Impossible? Don’t blink, that’s just a drop in their collective bucket list.

    • Eric Blair

      While I’m not a Hillary fan at all, I would be in favor of having her on the $10.00 bill if it would make your head explode. 🙂

      • Vincent Flosster

        TP or not TP? A no brainer! To the fore, with HRC posed winsomely to the core, sphincter muscles will open wide and allow release of backed up piles to
        Flo progressively with some assurance most of her email files come out clean butt knot quite all. >;~ }=}

  • What a pairing in any event

    Biden’s recent appearance with Colbert revealed enough ‘savory’ seasoning for socialist Dems…that “what difference does it make” Hillary R. C. remains unfit for anything other than a prison jump suit.
    Hello, a Biden/Saunders left wing ticket vs. what’s right from GOP candidates would make better for U.S. – at least attending the removal of an ‘abomination’ – sic, [pestilence] from the Oval Office, particularly.

    IOW, Romney/Ryan remain viable for yet another try…
    However, witnessing a Trump/Fiorina pairing together with forthrightness, would send a Mondale/Ferrarro, McCain/Palin message a mutual formulation a better Rx attending both internal and external affairs virus affecting U.S.

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