Prozanski recall near 11,000 names – Deadline looms!

petitionBy Oregon Citizens to recall Floyd Prozanski

“We are almost there and we need every signature we can get” said Patricia Duffy, chief petitioner of the Floyd Prozanski recall effort. “Friday at 5 pm is the deadline for us to turn in enough signatures and it is going to be really close”.

The recall campaign, Oregon Citizens to Recall Floyd Prozanski, expects to turn in over 11,000 signatures of registered voters in Senate District 4 by Friday. Yesterday, they turned in 8,663 and are preparing several thousand more for turn in.

“The positive response from all over the district has been very encouraging, especially once our canvassers and volunteers educate voters about Prozanski’s voting record of giving illegal aliens free college tuition and drivers licenses, while taking away their constitutional right to vote to overturn bad bills like SB941 which makes criminals out of law abiding gun owners” said Duffy. “We need all the help we can get in the last three days of this effort so we urge voters in the district to go to the website to print, sign and mail the recall petition today, as tomorrow will be too late”.

If you want to help, please email Patricia Duffy at [email protected].