Lars Larson: Who is paying taxes this year…and who is not.

I know every year we all worry about paying our own taxes. But, I’d like to suggest you pay attention to who is not paying taxes.

There is a new report out by the Tax Policy Center that says 47% of all the households in America””71 million households””are paying zero federal income taxes this year. In fact, in some cases it’s worse than zero. Most of those low income households also qualify for all the social services that you fund and that you are not eligible for.

As you sit down for tax day, how does that make you feel? Maybe we should pay more attention to making sure that at least everybody contributes to the tax fund. And, that the top 10% of Americans don’t pay 73% of the taxes while the bottom 47% pay nothing.

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  • Britt Storkson

    Not only that but why do different people pay different tax rates? What if we had different penalties for speeding for different people? If you’re white the fine is $100. If you’re hispanic the fine is $200. If you’re black the fine is $500. If that happened there would be outrage and rightly so.
    If we’re going to have a law or tax it should be applied/enforced uniformly. If not then don’t have it!

    • Anonymous

      You make about as much sense as Lars; “The top 10% don’t pay 73% of taxes “ so?

  • retired UO science prof

    Read an account in the Eugene Register Guard about a panel with Alley, Dudley, Lim conducted by Jack Roberts. If the news account is correct, it was long on global warming, illegal immigration, drilling for (nonexistent?) oil off the Oregon coast. Very short on discussion of Oregon’s looming crises, and what to do about them. A lot of talk about peripheral things over which the governor has little control. A lot of nothing.

    If the story is correct, Oregon Republicans are headed for another big defeat in the Governor election.

    • Steve Plunk

      The looming crisis we face is indeed what the candidates should be talking about. Before we bad mouth the Republican candidates we should first look and see what the past Democratic governors have done and what the Democratic legislatures have done. You see they not only didn’t do anything but probably made things worse by increasing the number of state employees we have to pay and fund retirements for.

      Sure we can say things like illegal immigration and the global warming scam are minor but only in proportion to the PERS problem. Both those issues have a profound effect on the economic well being of the state so they deserve some attention. Both those problems are places where Republicans can differentiate themselves from the Democrats.

      If anything I see the Democratic candidate for governor as being very vulnerable on economic issues and the issue of state spending. The fall looks good for Republicans.

  • Anonymous

    r uo sp,
    Your affection for all things status quo, entrenched and dysfunctional in Oregon is amazing.

    This governor race will be one of tremendous contrast.

    One your side it’s about a Bradybury or Kitzhaber preservation of all problems spawned from the long Democrat/bureaucracy domination in running the State into the ground.

    On the our side is the Alley or Dudley resetting of Oregon on a path of forward movement. One which will unavoidably result in correcting many of problems you and yours prefers to sustain for the sake of retaining power.

    Fresh Alley/Dudley appointments to the TriMet board and Port of Portland Board would purge both of the long term track record of gross misappropriation.
    Public Education would be advanced by an eradication of the entrenched “statekholders” who never face any consequences for their failures and perpetual meddling.
    Same goes for all other State agencies that have been saturated with left wing ideologues and operating without genuine oversight fore decades.

    The Kitzhaber/Bradbury campaign will be funded by those interests dedicated to keeping the lid on what goes on at these agencies.

    That’s what Retired UofO science professor is peddling.

    • retired UO science prof

      In the first place, Kitzhaber/Bradbury is not “my side”.

      My point is that these Republicans, supposedly offering a “contrast”, are offering nothing of the sort. Instead they are going off into mostly irrelevant side issues. The Governor of Oregon cannot put oil drilling off the Oregon coast, especially if there isn’t oil out there. He can do next to nothing about illegal immigration.

      How is talking about these distractions going to do anything about Oregon’s problems? Chanting “forward movement” isn’t a plan, it’s not even a platform.

      You are right about one thing, though: with no credible alternative — I don’t mean Bill Sizemore — Oregon will go with the status quo. It looks like another big Governor victory for the Democrats. Even with such poor specimens as kitz-bury.

    • Anonymous

      All I will say is that I’m waiting to see who and Lars endorse and voting the other way. These folks have proven themselves to have their heads way up their respective asses.

      By the way, how about that tax hike up in Washington? How’s that working out for you, Lars?

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  • Rick Hickey

    Reminder! When I spoke before the 9:12 project last year, I showed them an I.R.S. document proving that over $7 Billion via the EITC was given to Illegal aliens in the last few years, yes Billions. These masters of cheating OUR sytem put multiple Children on their tax forms (doesn’t include millions of Illegal’s who do not file), no S.S.# for the kids deduction was required.

    Another recent Government report shows that over 1/2 of all immigrants, or over 25 Million people are on some type of Gov’t welfare system, this burden added in just the last 10 years.

    We now have over 5 Mill. in ESL nationwide sucking over $5 Billion away from our Schools for a failed program. In Oregon over $420 Million for ESL p/budget cycle.

    The next Governor (Alley would, Dudley would not) CAN do something about this, a. STOP Or. from being a Sanctuary state for illegal’s so the Police can arrest ALL criminals. b. EX. order that ALL Employers, government also, must use E-Verify to stop employers from hiring illegals. c. Valid S.S.# to register to Vote, as our voters’ pamphlet says NO ID needed to vote locally. d. Valid S.S.# for ANY state Gov’t hand out – OHP, food stamps, UNemployment checks, etc. e. NO more Bilingual ED. for 10 years, Immersion only in 2 yr.s. Our ESL programs are the #1 reason so many Schools are failing here and #1 reason for increased spending as well.

    Read today about Spanish Teacher (W. Salem HS)-Carlos Ruiz in the SJ for more proof. A. He learned English well enough in just 2 years to take College courses. B. How did his Parents (Who still do not speak English after living here for 30 years) afford to Feed, House and take care of 6 Kids Medically, while working in a cannery (still do) ? Answer- YOUR Tax dollars and massive government social services. Time line suggests Father was given Amnesty in ’86, another Amnesty won’t solve anything.

    Yes, my American and legal immigrant friends, YOU are paying for all of this and that canned food is costing all of us much more than the retail price at the store.

    The top 1/2 are paying for the bottom 1/2, which are illegal’s OR americans suffering from the depressed wages or NO JOB, from the over supply of desperate & needy 3rd world “workers”.

    What happens when the top 1/2 can no longer afford to do this?

    • retired UO science prof

      Those things might save some money, how much I don’t know. I seriously doubt enough to solve Oregon’s budget problems. But there is no indication from the article I mentioned:

      that any of the candidates were proposing anything that draconian in Oregon.

      • Rupert in Springfield

        >that any of the candidates were proposing anything that draconian in Oregon.

        What exactly was suggested that was draconian?

        I think it would strike most people that requiring an SS# for a handout is totally reasonable and not draconian in the least.

        Requiring employers to use E verify? I doubt you could find one in ten who would think that was anything but reasonable.

        Maybe I missed something but the fact that you consider these ideas draconian is pretty telling.

        • retired UO science prof

          Draconian (severe) in the sense of being considered such by the public, especially the local electorate, and also in relation to possibly dubious legality.

          Are any of the governor candidates proposing such measures? How about our initiative activists? Mannix or Sizemore?

          Not that I know of. That is pretty telling to me.

  • dian

    As much as I dislike the idea of a sales tax, it does have the advantage of everybody paying, not just some.

    That said, the only way I would support that is complete removal of the Income tax, both state and federal. There would also have to be in place something to shut down the politicians from increasing it because they spent too much.

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Somehow I think it exceedingly unlikely that we would ever enact a sales tax to replace the income tax in Oregon.

      First of all, no one would believe Salem if they said that they were replacing the income tax. There simply is zero trust for Salem when it comes to spending.

      Second – No matter how iron clad the proposal seemed to be, We all know what would happen. The ink wouldn’t be dry on the sales tax before the Attorney General didn’t find some weird thing in the law and go to the state Supreme Court for clarification. About ten minutes after that the ruling would come down that the provision in the sales tax that banned the income tax was unconstitutional. Three minutes after that you can bet the income tax would be reinstated.


      Sure – But I doubt my opinion isn’t far off the mark in regard to most. I doubt one could find more than three in ten people who didn’t believe if we replaced income with sales taxes, a year or two down the road Salem would find a legal maneuver to do both no matter what they had said previously.

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