Gov’s new PAC raises disclosure Questions

Below is a press Release from Rep. Wayne Scott, 12-21-06.

Rep. Scott: Governor Should Answer Whether He’ll Raise Money During Session

SALEM — House Majority Leader Wayne Scott (R-Canby) questioned the Governor’s new fundraising strategy aimed at advancing his political agenda. Rep. Scott said the Governor needs to answer whether his new PAC will collect money during the upcoming legislative session.

“The Governor’s inaugural fundraiser may not yield enough money to purchase advertising and support Democratic candidates,” Rep. Scott said. “The Governor may have to raise money during session, and he hasn’t been clear about whether he is going to do that.”

The Governor has raised money for his campaign committee in previous legislative sessions. In 2003, he created “BOWL PAC” to support Democratic campaigns. BOWL PAC was able to raise money during session without having to report session contributions, as the Governor would have been required to do had he raised the money through his campaign committee.

“Gov. Kulongoski has a history of raising big money during session from groups with interests before the Legislature,” Rep. Scott said. “He owes it to the people of Oregon- in the name of full, open and honest disclosure- to inform them whether he will again raise money during the legislative session.”

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  • Jerry

    Why anyone in their right mind would give this fool even a penny is beyond my comprehension.

  • Anon

    The unions gave a LOT of dimes to get TK2.

    If you didn’t know that the top 2 labor operatives in Oregon were hired as TK2 Chiefs of Staff after the election, that’s one clue. And the deal will soon become obvious even to the casual observer, once the Legislature goes into session in a couple of weeks.

    For some temporary relief I use – The Oregonion.