Celebrate Reagan’s 35th with Reagan dinner

spkrReagan Dinner 2015
Keynote Speakers: Peggy Grande (Ronald Reagan staff) & Wayne Allyn Root (author)
Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Ronald Reagan winning the Presidency
Presented By The Republican Party Of Washington County.
Thursday, November 5
6:00 – 9:00 p.m. Embassy Suites, Tanasbourne
Register before September 30 for $75. Late registration open until October 31 for $125.

Sponsorships and VIP Tables start at $1500 |Reserve a table of ten for $750

Includes dinner, speakers and silent auction.
RSVP: [email protected] gopwashingtoncounty.org

Keynote Speakers
Peggy Grande worked for President Ronald Reagan from 1989-1999 during his post-presidency years in Los Angeles. Peggy travels the country sharing her “front row seat of history” with young people and passing on the leadership lessons she learned directly from Ronald Reagan.
Wayne Allyn Root is an American politician, entrepreneur, television and radio personality, author, television producer and political commentator. He was the 2008 Libertarian Party vice-presidential nominee.

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  • Man or Myth

    Two things about the GOP fascinate me: one, their love of Reagan and two, their fixation on Israel. I voted for Reagan (twice) but I voted for him because he was a moderate. He was larger than life, had some great one liners but he still was a moderate.

    The GOP has a selective memory, they forget Reagan the environmentalist – as governor he protected California’s wilderness from dams and highways and created an air resources board, as president he launched the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer.

    Reagan the spender-raised taxes (four to 11 times, depending how you count) and increased the federal workforce by 324,000 people, raised the debt ceiling 18 times and almost tripled the federal debt.

    Reagan the retreater-who withdrew from Lebanon after terrorists killed 248 US marines, leaving the country to civil war, or Reagan the negotiator who reached out to the “evil empire”, or the Reagan who signed California’s liberal abortion law, the Brady gun law, collective bargaining for local government workers and amnesty for almost 3 million undocumented people.

    Reagan on unions-“Collective bargaining has played a major role in America’s economic miracle.” (September 3, 1981)

    Reagan on taxes-“What we’re trying to move against is institutionalized unfairness. We want to see that everyone pays their fair share and no one gets a free ride.” (June 6 1985).

    Reagan on immigration -“I believe in amnesty for those who have put down roots and who have lived here even though some time back they may have entered illegally.” (October 21 1984).

    • Dick Winningstad

      Reagan the spender? Doesn’t Congress create the budget? At the time, Dem controlled Congress? The Congress run by “All politics is local” Dem. Rep Tip O’Neil? Reagan the negotiator, “Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall.” Reagan firing the Air Controllers also on unions. Reagan on taxes seemed like a good idea unlike the twisted version spewed by liberals today. And willing to work with illegal immigrants when the numbers were small was a good thing. Much different than today’s 20 million or so illegals.

      Reagan was certainly not perfect but your picture is a bit slanted.

      • Testamentary Indictativus

        Write on and toot: Depose the current leadership in the White House that doesn’t fear or ‘fare’ an “ISIS” from an Ayatollah seated in ISLAM…butt kisses the morass of insurgent-seize bent on kissing US good bye in flavor of a Bolshevik new whorled ardor oracle that stinks all hell that’s preponderant upon and around US.

      • Nope On Reagan

        The Republicans controlled the Senate from January 1981 – January 1987. You do remember that, don’t you?

        And it really is a long shot to blame Democrats for the budget deficits of the Reagan era, since the tax cuts and DOD spending increases that fueled them were Reagan proposals.

        Remember, too, that there were many “Boll Weevil” Democrats who as far to the right as most Republicans. Phil Gramm, for example, was a Democrat until 1983.

        What shocks me about the Reagan worship is that he had such a corrupt administration. But I guess Republicans don’t care about scandal when it involves one of their own:


        • .

          Book ‘Nope On Regan’ Dano! Charge: Terry Bean such a flatulent flier.

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