Allen Alley boost: TV ad, money and endorsements

It has been a good seven days for Republican Governor candidate Allen Alley. Below the Allen Alley campaign released a new TV ad (informative and a wee bit fluffy). Alley also received a $100,000 donation from a former Pixelworks investor and venture capitalist (more here). Also, Two Republican lawmakers, Rep. Vic Gilliam and Rep. Matt Wingard announced their endorsement of Allen Alley.

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  • Bob Clark

    This is a good election year for the state. Both of Alley and Dudley seem like they could mount a pretty competitive general election for governor. They are somewhat middle of the road, and pushing economic growth. A Sizemore campaign would be much more fun, but folks on the right should to weigh the final outcome. The electorate don’t spend nearly as much time on politics as readers of this blog, and union backed attacks against a Sizemore campaign would be just too much to counter. I think this sad but true.

  • Anonymous

    I am curious to see if Jason Atkinson will endorse anyone. I know he is NOT a fan of Allen Alley – however, I also think he would be even less likely to endorse any of the alternatives. But there is probably a good 20% or so of the GOP’s more conservative likely primary voters who might be swayed one way or the other by an Atkinson endorsement. Is that enough to cement a win for anyone? Probably not. Those 20% or so would otherwise either split up their vote between Alley and Dudley, vote for a fringe candidate like Lim or Sizemore, or not vote at all – we are talking probably at best no more than 10% of the voters actually considering changing their vote from one candidate (or no candidate) to another – but if the race is otherwise tight between Alley and Dudley, Atkinson could be the king maker.

  • Reper

    If you count Atkinson, then one might wonder whom Gordon Smith might endorse.

    • Anonymous

      No need to wonder. Smith’s whole machine is already working for Dudley – and a Smith endorsement will do very little because most people who are inclined to listen to Smith already make up the Dudley bloc of supporters. An Atkinson endorsement would mean far more because his wing of supporters don’t really have a candidate to glom onto in this race yet.

  • The Practical Conservative

    I am still standing back and watching this rae and so far I see in Dudley a candidate who knows little about even the most pressing issues and tends towards the moderate side of things; in Alley I see a moderate who tends towards conservative business principles and moderation on social issues. I disagree with the take some are offering on Sizemore and Lim, the two conservatives in the race. Lim’s communication skills are too weak for him to do well as governor, while Sizemore on the other hand has communication talent to spare. A lot of conservatives in this state are going to want to go with the candidate who will fight the good fight and stand up for their conservative principles and that will keep Sizemore as a serious contender, especially given the way the tide is turning in this country. We have tried the moderate approach and it has not worked. The more I see Dudley and Alley as moerates, which they truly are, the less I am enamored with them. I may not be alone in this analysis.

    Anonymous 7:49 above calls Lim and Sizemore “fringe” candidates. I disagree. They are the two conservative candidates and in the Republican Party that makes them mainstream. It is the mderates who are on the fringe of the Republican Party.

  • Anonymous

    If you liked Gordon Smith, you will love Chris Dudley. He has the same staff and consulting team as Smith had. His main difference between Smith and Dudley is that Dudley is much more liberal on social issues.

    I heard somewhere that Sizemore was asked in one debate who he would pick to be the nominee if he could not be and he apparently said Allen Alley and that Alley had the executive skills and intelligence to be a good governor. If Sizemore thinks Alley is okay, then he can’t be too bad. Whether you like Sizemore or not, few people in this state know politics as well as he does.

  • Reper

    And did not Gordon Smith win a few elections and was one of our most popular elected officials?

  • Ted

    Allen Alley is my guy. He is going to flat out dominate Kitzhaber in the debates when it comes to economic issues, which will be the most important topic in 2010. I like Sizemore’s position on taxes, but really, can you see him as a governor? Being a governor is more than just setting tax policy. Alley’s executive experience makes me more prone to trust him in a crisis should one happen (i.e.: compare Bobby Jindal’s hurricane preparation in Louisiana to that idiot Kathleen Blanco).

    We can’t afford to lose this election. If Kitzhaber wins in November, Oregon is going to continue to fall behind. I don’t even care about winning one for the GOP anymore or winning one for conservatism. I just want to be proud of my state again, because the bunch of idiots running it now have ran it into the ground.

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