Weekly Radio Best

Below is a list of the best-of-the-week articles from Oregon’s top radio hosts — Lars Larson, Victoria Taft & Rob Kremer.

National Park Fee
Lars Larson, KXL,

Hey, I figure that paying $20 to get into Crater Lake National Park is a real bargain. I saw the Medford Mail Tribune was getting itself all wound up the other day about the fact that Crater Lake National Park is proposing some increases in the park access fees. When I checked the fees, I was actually surprised at how relatively low are. Do you realize that a family can get into Crater Lake National Park, spend 7 days there, and the total fee is $20? Now, to put that in perspective, you’d spend about that amount of money to have two people go to the movies without even buying popcorn or a soda pop. So, I figure that’s a pretty cheap price. If they increase it from $10 to $20, is that too much to ask, or $40 for an annual fee? Knowing that 80% of the money will go to improve the facilities there at Crater Lake National Park. I understand we pay taxes but we’re not paying enough, apparently, to maintain those facilities.

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Will Tom Potter Run for Re Election?
Victoria Taft KPAM

A girl can dream can’t she? Nick Budnick of the Portland Tribune/Local News Daily says Potter has put the kibosh on a January fundraiser and has decided to wait until next September to decide whether he’ll run for a second term. Here’s the money quote:

“”Potter, now 66, gave the impromptu interview just after riding the new Portland Aerial Tram, while piloting his Toyota Prius to a diversity conference at the Oregon Convention Center “” a reporter in his passenger seat.””

Did he leave anything out of that observation? Oh, wait, he was wearing his yellow bicycle jersey–the one he wore while running stop lights with critical mass back in the day. Or, I know, “piloting his Toyota Prius while visioning his way to a diversity conference, Potter bit into a city approved trans fat free boca burger he picked up from a minority owned corner veggie restaurant run by Craig Rosebraugh.”

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Let me get this straight…
Rob Kremer, KXL

So a bike nazi was demonstrating during one of the Critical Mass rides, standing on the sidewalk next to his bike, when a police officer told him to move along. He refused, and the policeman gave him a ticket for impeding traffic and for failing to obey a police officer. The bike nazi goes to court, and argues that the impeding traffic charge cannot apply because the law applies to “people driving cars and riding bikes.” Since he wasn’t riding his bike at the time, he argued that he couldn’t be in violation of the law.

Attorney General Hardy Meyers conceded the point, and the Court of Appeals dismissed the ticket! So let me get this straight…. by this reasoning I could drive my car into an intersection, get out of the car and stand on the sidewalk, and I couldn’t be charged with impeding traffic? After all, I wouldn’t be “driving.” On second thought, if I did do this, they’d probably give me a reward rather than a ticket. After all, I’d be advancing their agenda of creating as much congestion as possible.

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