Poll: Oregonians choose top political figure

Poll: Our readers were asked to write-in the name of the “national political figure they admire the most”. Sarah Palin came out the clear favorite.
Out of 436 respondents, 64 names were listed. The top ten names who received the largest number of write-in votes were:

124 Sarah Palin
40 Mitt Romney
37 Newt Gingrich
31 Ron Paul
27 Scott Brown
22 John McCain
12 George W. Bush
10 John Boehner
9 Michele Bachmann
8 Greg Walden and Glenn Beck, tie

A wide range of political personalities received one honorable mention vote. Interestingly, that list covered the entire spectrum of political philosophies and experiences. For example you had Democrats John Kitzhaber, Joe Biden, and Peter Defazio; Republicans John Bolton, Karl Rove, and Michael Steele; media personalities Lars Larson, Bill O’Reilly, and Stephan Colbert; activists Don McIntire and Arizona Sherriff Arpillo; and one person who simply gave their vote to “whoever beats Obama”.