Reminder to Pres Obama: Your CDC report found guns make victims safer


by Lars Larson

When President Obama shows up in Roseburg on Friday, do you suppose someone should remind him of the CDC report he ordered up two years ago?

CNS news reported back in 2013:

“’Self-defense can be an important crime deterrent, ‘says a new report by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The $10 million study was commissioned by President Barack Obama as part of 23 executive orders he signed in January.

‘Studies that directly assessed the effect of actual defensive uses of guns (i.e., incidents in which a gun was ‘used’ by the crime victim in the sense of attacking or threatening an offender) have found consistently lower injury rates among gun-using crime victims compared with victims who used other self-protective strategies,’ the CDC study, entitled ‘Priorities For Research to Reduce the Threat of Firearm-Related Violence,’ states.”

“The report expresses uncertainty about gun control measures, stating that ‘whether gun restrictions reduce firearm-related violence is an unresolved issue,’ and that there is no evidence ‘that passage of right-to-carry laws decrease or increase violence crime.’ It also stated that proposed ‘gun turn-in programs are ineffective.’”

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