Lars Larson: National Day of Prayer held unconstitutional

A shocking decision from a Wisconsin court judge held the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional.

How in the world could a country like ours hold the National Day of Prayer unconstitutional? This country’s been marking an official Day of Prayer since the 1950’s.

This country’s deep in Christian tradition. How about Christmas? That’s a national holiday. Obviously, we’re going to have to rule that one out.

What about “In God We Trust” on all of our money? We’ll have to eliminate that as well as on coins. And, outside the United States Supreme Court in that carved artwork showing Moses and the Ten Commandments. We’re going to have to tear that down as well.

This country has great roots in Christian religion. In fact, the Founders believed you couldn’t found a country like this without the help from God and prayers from people down below.

We need that National Day of Prayer.

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