Tea-Party crasher tried to collect social security numbers

Interesting Fox News story on the Beaverton Teacher who tried to infiltrate and defame Tea Party rallies across the nation:

“…He is also being investigated by his state’s teachers licensing agency, which was inundated with complaints after his incendiary statements became front page news. In recent weeks, Levin announced his intention to embarrass Tea Partiers by attending their rallies dressed as Adolf Hitler, carrying signs bearing racist, sexist and anti-gay epithets and acting as offensively as possible — anything, he said, short of throwing punches. In an interview with Talking Points Memo, Levin said, “Our goal is that whenever a Tea Partier says ‘Barack Obama was not born in America,’ we’re going be right there next to them saying, ‘Yeah, in fact he wasn’t born on Earth! He’s an alien!'” And in a now deleted post on website, Levin called on his supporters to collect the Social Security numbers — among other personal identifying information — about as many Tea Party supporters as possible at the numerous rallies that took place last Thursday.

“The more data we can mine from the Tea Partiers, the more mayhem we can cause with it!!!!” he wrote.

But the Oregon Tea Party says the teacher’s actions are cause for a “teachable moment,” not a trip to the unemployment line.

Ludt said his group sent out a press release to both the state agency and school district — the same school district Ludt attended as a child — on Monday in which they listed their demands.

The group is calling on the Beaverton School District to:

— Apologize for inadequately supervising their teacher

— Issue a written pledge to thoroughly investigate whether Levin encouraged his students to repeat overtly racist statements

— Send a letter to all staff reminding them of district policy prohibiting teacher engagement in political activity on school time or using school resources

Despite being called “that loose affiliation of racists, homophobes, and morons” among a litany of other offensive names, the Oregon Tea Party says that as long as Levin successfully undergoes anger management and sensitivity classes, they see no reason why he shouldn’t be allowed to teach.

“Levin sees us as enemies. We see him as a fellow human being who is obviously very angry and troubled. Political dialogue will never advance if we are unable to treat each other decently as human beings,” Ludt said.

“Folks are out there are essentially rooting for the football team — they’re more interested in the games and not really looking at the issues. What we’re trying to do is focus on the issues and the best way we can see to do that is to rise above the games.”

As for Levin’s website, it has crashed and burned. The home page that once invited readers to help him demolish the Tea Party at all costs now simply reads: “Want to Show your support for Jason Levin? BUY A TEA-SHIRT.”

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  • Rob

    This guy is a typical progressive… Obama’s peeps.

    Remember November and vote the socialists out!

    • Dan

      @Rob, I’m just wondering: what’s the difference, in your mind, between Obamacare and SS? Both are taking our money and giving it to a specific group. However the difference is Obamacare is giving mainly to poor people while SS is given mainly to old people. In the end, both programs are socialist yet only one is hated by the Tea Party. A bit double standard?

      • Steve Plunk

        Dan, if I may, Tea Party members see Social Security as a program long ago initiated and very unlikely to be repealed or substantially modified. It’s water under the bridge. New programs like Obama care or whatever we decide to call it are opposed for expansion of entitlements, the way it was enacted, the details that were neither disclosed nor debated, the costs, and the fact it is unlikely to work. Throw in the fact it imposes new mandates on individuals, changes the way our medical records are kept private, and allows more government intervention. There are many reason to oppose it without ever resorting to using a double standard. Eventually people just say enough is enough. It didn’t help when Obama mentioned spreading the wealth around. I guess that’s just new speak for from each according to their ability and to each according to their need.

        • valley p

          Steve, if I may, do Tea Party members call for the repeal of Medicare Part D? To refresh your memory, this is the unfunded expansion of the Medicare entitlement to buy prescription drugs for seniors. It was passed in the middle of the night by a Republican Congress that held the floor open for hours in order to quite literally bribe several members into changing their votes. I believe Majority Leader Tom Delay was even reprimanded for his actions.

          By definition, this entitlement was not enacted “long ago.” It is costly and only benefits a few at the expense of the many. Is the Tea Party calling for repeal? If not why not? Its a socialistic program that “shared the wealth” isn’t it?

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Steve, if I may, do Tea Party members call for the repeal of Medicare Part D?

            Dean – If I may – It really would be nice if you could get off Part D.

            It has been explained to you endlessly that Part D was roundly criticized by conservatives from the moment of its conception to this very day. Rush devoted almost his entire show every day while it was being debated in congress to defeat of the bill.

            As for the tea party feelings on the issue – why don’t you attend one of the rallies yourself and find out?

            I can guarantee you that you wont find a whole lot of sympathy for Medicare there. In fact that was the main argument I heard against BO care at the tea party rallies I went to. The government already runs Medicare and its going bankrupt, how could BO care be any more efficient seemed to be the gist of things.

            If you actually went to a tea party rally you would know this. There are plenty of tea party rallies all over the state. You have had plenty of opportunity.

            Ok – So now you have had it explained to you yet again. Please, lets not constantly go through this fiction on part D again. Mmmm K? Its really getting a little old to have to continually go over this.

          • Steve Plunk

            valley p you are a tiresome person. The question at hand is Tea Party support of Social Security. Stick to the topic please. I must point out to you the Medicare expansion was also a bipartisan bill that received broad support from Dems even though the congress was controlled by Republicans at the time. Obama’s health care reform received no Republican votes and needed a tricky reconciliation move to get passed into law.

            Again, repeal of any entitlement is tough but with health care reform most of the changes have not taken place and will not for years to come so repeal is a viable option.

          • valley p

            I’ll ignore the insults and take both of your answers as adding up to a no, the Tea Party does not support repeal of Medicare Part D.

            Which is why I don’t take their calls for “less spending” seriously. And neither should you.

          • Steve Plunk

            If you find tiresome insulting then quit being so. I take the Tea Party more seriously than anything you have offered up.

          • valley p

            Blaming the victim? How clever.

            You should try being a bit more reflective and less reflexive on these things. A group that is against “spending” in general but not against a multi hundred billion dollar unfunded entitlement available only to selective seniors is a fraud.

            And by the way, GM is paying their bailout back, Chrysler is paying its bailout back, the banks are paying their bailout back. Taxes have been cut for 95% of us. Pretty soon the Tea Party is not going to have much left to complain about.

      • Anonymous

        Social Security, while poorly managed and in need of reform, will not destroy this country’s healthcare system and economy. When the boat you’re in is sinking, you plug the biggest holes first.

      • angered citizen

        technically very little, includeing the fact that incompitent people are in charge of obamacare…exactly like ssa officials who dont know how to do their own jobs.
        job and family services is the same way, also. Case in point..my own wife: No job due to diabetese complications (no meds). job and family services has a medical aid for severe diabetes handicaps. (she was loseing her eyesight). They boldly lied to her and claimed that ALL of their medical aid was discontinued. these lies continued for 6 years, and finally we were in a car wreck so our auto wreck lawyer called job and family services and they magically change their story, claiming they never claimed that ALL of their medical aid was discontinued.
        these lyers where never fired or even corrected for these actions. Later the lyer called me back a tonge lashed me for haveing a lawyer. keep in mind how hard it was for my wife to get aid…next is an example of their criminal frame of mind…my wife has an aunt, a social worker and is also self employed makeing a net of $100,000 a year..net. she is to this day also on social security and collecting $400 in food stamps. What is wrong with this picture?
        the irs will be in charge of obamacare. to this day the irs ows me two checks totalling $1700 from back when i could work. two other checks were stolen and cashed. the theives were never investigated or charged. instead the irs is claiming that i still owe them on something i payed and they refused to give me a reciept, claiming they can do anything they want illegal or otherwise.
        I know what will end up happening: companies will start to reduce their employees hours even more than now. they will also refuse to offer insurance (im talking about billion $ corporations here).
        who will be fined for not getting insured? not the companies, but the almost destitude employees. why? because these corporations are always stuffing gov. entities with bribery money, and it’s easier for those predators to go after people who cant afford a lawyer than companies that rather than paying their employees fairly, they shell out 200% more funds to bribery and to lawyers for themselves so they don’t have to answer to anyone. I have witnessed the same type of activities time and time again by every gov. entity you could imagine.
        who loses? the people who need health care the most. who wins? the corrupt!

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it actually against the law to collect a social security number for any purpose other than social security? The IRS can ask because social security is tax related. Employers can ask because it is needed for withholding taxes. State programs that are related to income can ask to verify income. Medical programs connected to Medicare can ask because it relates to benefits. But just about any other request for your SSN is invalid. You will notice that even credit applications will have fine print that your SSN is optional. So I would think anyone openly planning on using SSNs for any purpose other than as it relates to social security should be arrested and tried.

  • Emerson

    I have no problem with bad things happening to bad people. Mr. Levin allowed his hate to fester into conscious and repeated efforts to screw people over. He got nailed for it and he should lose his job because he’s proven incapable of keeping his attack politics in his pants.

    Suffer, asshole.

    • Tea’d

      I agree with your statement and now I wonder if Clinton was actually not comparing the Tea Party people to the Oaklahoma bombing but the actions of this teacher and people like him…SEIU, etc.:) NOT!

      This teacher should be fired…my hubby was an educator for years and in his early teaching years he could not walk into a tavern or bar as he would lose his job for being in an establishment that was considered to be a bad example to show students and besides he might run into someone who knew him ….look how things have degraded! Now, liberals fill the class rooms and colleges and attempt to fill our students with half truths and biased opinons. They wear Liberal (Obama) buttons and do not pretend to be fair and open minded with the students. Things will change but it will take time and a lot of effort to end the progressive take over of our schools.

  • Mary’s Opinion

    The language of America is English. If you wish to share your opinion, please be courteous enough to share it in English. Thank you.

    • Borat’s ghost

      Neech vrobbet schrapp blitzng.

      Translated, means is free country. Man can write in language he wants. Take aspirin if no like.

  • Ron Marquez

    If true, all the more reason to fire Levin. I don’t think the Beaverton School District really has any choice other than termination. Be interesting to see what they do.

  • Divert US from MARXing to Pretoria

    Jason Joseph Goebels Levin is back in school today (Apr 26) doing what he does…instructing the gullible with principles of Muscle weenie fascism and inStalin Bolshevism. Argh!

  • Anonymous

    Forensic Psychiatrist Explains the Madness of (Modern) Liberalism ~ Political Madness

    Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind

    “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all
    spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and
    useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J. O’Rourke

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