Allen Alley wins KGW Governor debate. Watch video here.

Alley Wins KGW Gubernatorial Debate
Undecided Voters in Audience Break for Alley — Alley, 66; Dudley, 22; Lim, 13 – when asked who won debate

Portland, OR — Allen Alley, candidate for the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor, won over undecided Republicans after the first televised debate among the candidates for Governor. The vote was 66 for Alley, 22 for Chris Dudley and 13 for John Lim when asked by researchers who “won” the debate. This is the first time that “perception analyzer technology” was used in gauging audience reaction during a televised debate.”This result confirms what we’ve seen time and time again,” said Alley. “Our message is resonating with voters. They are ready for somebody with real-world experience who can move our economy forward and reverse out-of-control spending in Salem.”

The win comes on the heels of Alley’s overwhelming victory in the Dorchester Straw Poll last month where he won 51% of the delegate votes compared with 36% for Dudley.

At the KGW debate, Alley displayed a deep understanding of Oregon’s fiscal and economic problems and provided strong, innovative ideas to fix them. That changed many minds in the audience as Republican voters said they were looking for a candidate with strong executive and business experience who also has the ability to win over independent and Democrat voters.

“Republican voters are looking for two things: a person with the ability to affect change in Salem through the strength of their ideas and experience, and somebody who can win this fall. I can deliver,” said Alley.

Allen Alley, a businessman with 30 years experience in starting and growing companies, was the Republican nominee for State Treasurer in 2008. He resides in Lake Oswego with his wife Debbie and their three children.

For more information on Allen Alley, please visit .

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  • Bill Sizemore

    Alley is a smart guy, but he has not been winning the debates in which I have participated, which is likely the real reason KGW and The Oregonian refused to allow me to participate in this debate. Alley is a strong moderate and I like him. I think he would make a pretty good governor after I get this ship turned upright again. Right now, more than a competent manager, we need someone to take the unions on and break the stranglehold they have on this state. I have the experience and know how and most importantly the courage to do that. Check out my plan at

    • Anonymous


    • Sizemore will Veto any Tax Increase

      The rest of Oregon is not snickering at KGW’s failed attempt to discredit Mr. Sizemore’s true conservative candidacy, censoring the most popular GOP candidate in the primary. With good reason, Bill Sizemore earned First Place honors at the Central Oregon straw poll (Alley took 2nd, Lim 3rd, and Dudley 6th just for not showing up), and he dominated southern Oregon’s website poll on KMED-1440 at 69% with the other GOP candidates included (imagine that).

      In a state that boasts the motto “She Flies With Her Own Wings,” KGW’s discrimination was more than evident as they blessed their viewers with the truth about their biased journalism; meantime, Oregonians had better grab some common sense and vote with their left hemispheres before all of our children wake up homeless on the territory our forefathers conquered.

      There’s no more time for Oregonians to make another mistake, so we’re voting for the only candidate who will veto ALL legislation that contains _any_ tax increase.

    • Schweiker

      You have a criminal record, and you’re in court right now.

      This means you have no chance.

      Sorry, but face the facts…no one is gonna vote for a criminal, unless it’s a Democrat.

  • Gullyborg

    Alley and Bill are both smart guys, and both would be good governors after me. I should have been at that debate, which I would have easily won, but the establishment has blacklisted me simply because I am not on the ballot. But you can still write me in!

  • Huh?

    What is this…multiple delusions day at Catalyst? Bill Sizemore is going to get the ship of state turned and Gullyborg is going to win a write-in campaign? Hello! Reality check! Is anyone home?

    • Gullyborg

      No, Gullyborg is merely being sarcastic to point out the quixoticness (is that a word? well, it is now) of Sizemore’s effort.

  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Actually I have 15 votes already and $10 in campaign finance so if ANYONE is delusional about being Governor its me.
    Thank you to my listeners for wanting me to be gov but NO FRICKIN’ WAY!

  • Bronch O’Humphrey

    This race is a re-hash of the 2000 GOP presidential primary! Do we not see the similarities?

    Chris Dudley = George W. Bush (inexperienced, well-financed, empty-headed)
    Allen Alley = Steve Forbes (businessman, experienced, struggles with finding footing for policy)
    John Lim = Alan Keyes
    Bill Sizemore = Orrin Hatch or maybe even Lyndon LaRouche

    • Anonymous

      Umm… GWB was a two-term Texas governor who also had over 20 years of successful private sector business experience. And the “empty headed” one has degrees from TWO of the world’s best universities – where he got better grades than John Kerry. Chris Dudley is no GWB.

      Steve Forbes is one the most important and influential names in the business world and has been his entire adult career. Allen Alley is no Steve Forbes.

      and on the flip side:

      Alan Keyes is an opportunist demagogue with more in common with Al Sharpton than any legitimate Republican. John Lim is a decent, hard working man who simply hates what has happened to his adopted home over the last 30 years.

      Bill Sizemore is a brilliant conservative thinker and tireless activist for what he believes. Now I admit I don’t know Hatch well enough to comment, but LaRouche is an evil thug concerned only with his own power and fortune.

  • Rupert in Springfield

    I gotta say that Dudley is a little less than impressive at times. Ive heard a few of his radio spots where he goes through some of his highlights of his ideas

    Get rid of OLCC – great idea in general, but not exactly a revolution of the state budget.

    and my favourite line:

    “Ill ask the state employees to start contributing to their own pensions”

    Oh really?

    You are going to ask them Chris?

    Ok, that tells me a lot.

    You are running for governor. You are their boss. At the next contract negotiation you tell them they are going to contribute, you dont ask them.

    Want to know the attitude you need Chris? Go watch a union rally, or protest. Hell, go watch the videos of SEIU members beating the crap out of people. That’s the attitude that’s coming in to meet you Chris.

    Yeesh – I mean I’m not saying get into an immediate confrontation but the single biggest problem with the state budget stems from these nitwits going into contract negotiations with this limp noodle attitude.

  • Jack

    Bill Sizemore would be a Good GOV

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