Allen Alley wins KGW Governor debate. Watch video here.

Alley Wins KGW Gubernatorial Debate
Undecided Voters in Audience Break for Alley — Alley, 66; Dudley, 22; Lim, 13 – when asked who won debate

Portland, OR — Allen Alley, candidate for the Republican nomination for Oregon Governor, won over undecided Republicans after the first televised debate among the candidates for Governor. The vote was 66 for Alley, 22 for Chris Dudley and 13 for John Lim when asked by researchers who “won” the debate. This is the first time that “perception analyzer technology” was used in gauging audience reaction during a televised debate.”This result confirms what we’ve seen time and time again,” said Alley. “Our message is resonating with voters. They are ready for somebody with real-world experience who can move our economy forward and reverse out-of-control spending in Salem.”

The win comes on the heels of Alley’s overwhelming victory in the Dorchester Straw Poll last month where he won 51% of the delegate votes compared with 36% for Dudley.

At the KGW debate, Alley displayed a deep understanding of Oregon’s fiscal and economic problems and provided strong, innovative ideas to fix them. That changed many minds in the audience as Republican voters said they were looking for a candidate with strong executive and business experience who also has the ability to win over independent and Democrat voters.

“Republican voters are looking for two things: a person with the ability to affect change in Salem through the strength of their ideas and experience, and somebody who can win this fall. I can deliver,” said Alley.

Allen Alley, a businessman with 30 years experience in starting and growing companies, was the Republican nominee for State Treasurer in 2008. He resides in Lake Oswego with his wife Debbie and their three children.

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