Dead Heat Poll: Sen. Devlin vs. Steve Griffith

Senate Majority Leader in “Statistical Tie” with Republican Challenger Steve Griffith
From Steve Griffith Campaign,

Oregon politics has a new, competitive race to watch. State Senator Richard Devlin’s hold on his legislative seat is more precarious than ever according to a Riley Research survey, which shows a statistical tie in a match-up between the Democratic incumbent and Republican hopeful Steve Griffith. Riley Research Associates surveyed 269 voters regarding their awareness and opinions of potential candidates for Oregon Senate District 19. The scientific poll was conducted from April 16th through the 20th and shows a statistical tie between Republican Steve Griffith at 39% and the incumbent Democratic Richard Devlin at 42% with a +/- of 5.96%.

Preparing to embark for the Nationals in Washington, DC as coach of the Lincoln High School Constitution team, Steve Griffith was elated by the results. “It is time for new leadership in Salem. After 14 years in office, Senator Devlin has become the captive of special interest groups and lost the support of the voters. This year, when faced with fiscal shortfalls, he deflected his own responsibility and turned on the businesses community. In a time of high unemployment, he made employers the enemy. Oregon is at a turning point. It can emerge as a leader of bipartisan stewardship or it can remain in partisan gridlock. These results are a clear sign the voters are ready for positive change.”

Griffith is pleased, but not surprised, that his message is resonating with voters. Since entering the race, constituents have repeatedly heard their frustration with the current regime in Salem. “When voters look at Salem, they see a government that is no longer responsive to the people, a government divided by partisanship that has become its own interest group. I am running to offer people a change. For everyone who is tired of the status quo, of the power politics of the majority and special interest groups, I offer an alternative. It is an alternative to ever-expanding government. I will build bridges between the parties. I will work to restore our Oregon sense of community. I will make the people and the interest of the people — the public interest – the priority. Devlin campaigned as being a moderate who works across party lines. He abandoned that moderation when he became the Caucus leader for the Democrats.”

Griffith, who was recently named Teacher of the Week by K103 FM, hopes to take the lessons he is teaching in the classroom to the legislature in November- and it looks like he will get that chance. Currently, Griffith is the Republican front runner in Oregon Senate District 19 Primary, with a 2.5 to 1 advantage over online charter school lobbyist Mary Kremer. The primary election in May is drawing ever closer, bringing Griffith closer to a head to head with Devlin. Griffith is the best chance the GOP has had in claiming the District 19 seat in over 14 years.

Steve Griffith’s roots run deep in the community with over 30 years of experience as an attorney at Stoel Rives LLP. He served as legal counsel to the Oregon House Judiciary Committee during the 1981 legislative session. He holds a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School, a Master of Philosophy in Politics from Oxford University, and a Bachelor’s degree from Harvard College. He and his wife Christine have been married 29 years and raised two children in SW Portland. He and his wife have attended St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church for 32 years.

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  • Anonymous

    Now wait a minute. It appears Griffith is a Democrat and Democrat Blogger Jack Bogdanzski suports him.

    A Ben respinded.

    But how would he differ from Devlin?

    OK, Griffith is your friend and your choice for this GOP primary.

    But Kremer is my friend and as Republican I prefer to have an actual Republican run against Democrat Devlin.

    “Griffith is the guy that another Democratic legislative candidate pegged as “the only one who doesn’t know he’s a Democrat.”

    So it seems you’re essentially endorsing a democrat for the Republican primary?

    From the 2008 election

    38th District
    Halfway through our interview, we had to ask Chris Garrett’s opponent, Steve Griffith, why he was a Republican. Until that point, the two attorneys—from rival firms—had largely agreed on everything. And Griffith is the guy that another Democratic legislative candidate pegged as “the only one who doesn’t know he’s a Democrat.” Griffith pointed to his refusal to sign a no-new-taxes pledge, and stressed that he didn’t want Oregon to become a one-party state.

    Posted by Ben | April 20, 2010 11:15 AM

  • Anon

    “But Kremer is my friend and as Republican I prefer to have an actual Republican run against Democrat Devlin.”

    I am with Steve! I’d rather support a Republican that can WIN against Devlin. We need to stop the insanity or Salem.

  • Brendan

    Steve is a Republican who fits his district. This does not mean he’s like a Democrat. His approach & his priorities will be very different from those of Mr. Devlin’s. Steve values civility & civic engagement. He appreciates this contested primary for what it is: a contest of ideas. Until she proves otherwise, I think Mary Kremer is a fine person & candidate. I think that she should have a number of public debates with Steve to enrich this primary season. I think Mr. Devlin should be invited as well to participate in community forums. This may show voters in the primary who is best to tackle Devlin in the fall. I think Mr. Devlin, with the way he conducted himself in the Measure 66&67 ballot writing controversy, showed that he values divisive and crass politics. Devlin can learn a thing or two about civics from Steve.

  • Tualatin Voter

    Time to throw that fat ass, union shill Devlin out on his obese fanny. He has done next to nothing for his own district. Time for a fresh face and actual money managing skills in Washington County.
    Griffith would be a good fit!

  • Anonymous

    Steve Griffith is the best chance republicans have for ever getting the district 19 seat. He is also someone D’s and I’s can get behind. The primary election will come out in Griffith’s favor, it’d be best if all the R’s started getting behind him now and showing a united front.

  • Observer

    Griffith is a fine guy and all, but he got absolutely slaughtered two years ago by Garrett. Why would he have the best chance of getting this seat? Why would voters want a fake democrat when they have a real one running on the Democrat ticket?

    Let’s face it – Griffith is a Democrat. He isn’t gunna win a Republican primary. I don’t care what his poll supposedly shows. He is competitive head to head against Devlin? Did he poll Mary Kremer head to head against Devlin? That number is probably higher! He probably DID poll that, but didn’t release it!

    • Anon

      Try reading the poll before commenting next time. It might make you sound more educated.

      The polls shows a head to head against Mary Kremer too. And Steve is beating her nearly 3 to 1. And has higher positive rating than mary. Explaining this to me how again how Mary is a better candidate but warn me to swallow first this time so I don’t spit up laughing at you.

      And seriously … comparing last year (when bush was on everyone’s mind) to this year is beyond laughable.

  • anon

    Nominating Mary Kremer is the best chance Republicans have of losing to Richard Devlin in November. The Senate Republicans made a big mistake in recruiting her for this position given that

    1) She can’t win; and
    2) Griffith is infinitely more qualified.

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