List of Governor candidate endorsements

The ballots are soon to reach the mailboxes and candidates are scrambling to get as many endorsements as possible. We listed as many endorsements we can find for the major governor politcal candidates we could find on their campaign websites, press releases and general web search.

See blow for list of names.Allen Alley

— Oregonians in Action
— Portland Tribune
— Tigard-Tualatin Times
— Beaverton Valley News
— Forest Grove News Times
— Lake Oswego Review
— West Linn Tidings
— Clackamas Review
— Oregon City News
— Gresham Outlook
— Sandy Post
— Estacada News
— South County Spotlight
— Rep. Matt Wingard
— Rep. Kim Thatcher
— Rep. Jim Weidner
— Rep. Vic Gilliam
— Rep. John Huffman
— Rep. Ron Mauer
— Rep. Wayne Krieger
— Rep. Jim Thompson
— Mary Olson, Lke Oswego City COuncilor
— Charles Hurliman, Tilamook County Commissioner
— Kathie Eckman, Mayor Bend
— Alan Brown, Former State Rep.
— John Hatfield, Jefferson Co. Commissioner
— John Cuthert, Past Pres. Wheat Grower’s League
— Goli Ameri
— Rick Dancer
— Bev Clarno, Former House Speaker
— Carol Humphries, Mayor Mitchel
— Charles Hurliman, Tillamook Co. Commissioner

Bill Bradbury
— The National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 82
— AFL-CIO-backed Alliance for Retired Americans (ARA)
— Al Gore
— Howard Dean
— Barbara Roberts

Chris Dudley
— Wayne Scott, Former House Majority Leader
— Sen. Jackie Winters
— Sen. David Nelson
— Sen. Bruce Starr
— Sen. Frank Morse
— Sen. Jeff Kruse
— Sen. Chris Telfer
— Rep. Andy Olson
— Rep. Doug Whitsett
— Tim Knopp, Former House Majority Leader (and cool dude)
— Former Sen. Marilyn Shannon
— Paulette Pyle, OFS
— Oregon Farm Bureau
— Oregon Business Association
— Oregon Restaurant Association
— Central Oregon Builders Association
— Oregonians for Food and Shelter
— Oregon Business Association
— Oregon state police officer’s association
— CommonSense for Oregon
— Fmr. State Sen. Bob Kintigh — Springfield
— Fmr. State Sen. Steven Harper — Klamath Falls
— Mayor Janet Taylor — Salem
— Mayor Keith Tymchuk — Reedsport
— Mayor James Wernicke — Gold Beach
— Mayor Lon Kellstrom — Sisters
— Mayor Dale Delong — Island City
— Mayor Mike Patrick — Lakeview
— Mayor Scott Burge – Scappoose
— Commissioner CW Smith — Jackson County
— Commissioner Roger Nyquist — Linn County
— Commissioner Bob Main — Coos County
— Commissioner Kevin Stufflebean — Coos County
— Commissioner Mike Propes — Polk County
— Commissioner Al Switzer — Klamath County
— Commissioner John W. Elliott — Klamath County Commissioner
— Commissioner Cheryl Hukill — Klamath County Commissioner
— Commissioner Ken Kestner — Lake County
— Commissioner Bradley Winters — Lake County
— Fmr. Commissioner Larry Sowa — Clackamas County
— Fmr. Commissioner Harold Haugen — Josephine County
— Fmr. Chief of Police Don Shaw — Wallowa County
— Sheriff John Bishop — Curry County
— Sheriff Brad Lohrey — Sherman County
— Sheriff John Trumbo — Umatilla County
— Fmr. Sheriff Bob Skipper — Multnomah County

John Lim
— Oregon Right to Life
— Jay Kushner Chairman Multnomah County Republican Committee
— Brian K. Sleeves Hood River County
— Louis M. Wettstein, Malheur County Commissioner
— Clarke W. Powers, Clatsop County Planning Commission
— Gordon Anderson, D.D.S., Former State Representative
— Clyde J. Blakely, Former Mayor, Sutherlin, OR
— Evelyn F. Anderson, Past President Umpqua Republican Women
— Stuart Ferguson, Former Chair Rep. Party, Lane County

John Kitzhaber
— Amalgamated Transit Union Local 757
— AFSCME Council 75
— Boilermakers Local 500
— Bricklayers & Allied Craftworkers Local 1
— Cement Masons Local 555
— Central Oregon Building Trades Council
— Columbia Pacific Building Trades Council
— Heat & Frost Insulators Local 36
— Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 48
— Intl. Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 112
— Ironworkers Local 29
— NARAL Pro-Choice Oregon PAC
— Northwest Sportfishing Industry Association
— Oregon AFL-CIO
— Oregon Business Association
— Oregon Small Business for Responsible Leadership
— Oregon State Building & Construction Trades Council
— Oregon State Firefighters Council
— Painters & Allied Trades District Council 5
— Pacific Northwest Regional Council of Carpenters
— Pendleton Building & Construction Trades Council
— Plasterers Local 82
— Roofers, Waterproofers & Allied Workers Local 156
— Sheet Metal Workers Local 16
— Teamsters Joint Council 37
— UA Plumbers and Pipe Fitters Local 290
— United Food and Commercial Worker Local 555
— United Steelworkers Union of Oregon

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  • The Bill Post Radio Show

    Add 3 more to Allen Alley’s list, both pretty significant:
    Oregonians In Action OIA
    Portland Tribune
    Oregon Ag Pac
    and I hear that one more MAJOR name will be announcing for Alley.

    • Anonymous


      • The Bill Post Radio Show

        Well they LOVE Freedom and they work hard.

        • Anonymous

          Guessing FreedomWorks, then…

  • Joe Stecklein

    Wow,is Kitzhaber in the union pocket or what!!!

    • Rupert in Springfield

      Yeah that’s scary as hell.

      • valley p

        That’s right Rupert. We can’t have working people involved in politics. We need to bust the unions, like in the south. That is why they are so prosperous according to your theory.

        • Rupert in Springfield

          >We need to bust the unions, like in the south. That is why they are so prosperous according to your theory.

          Ahh, the Archie Bunker in you always rises to the surface doesn’t it Dean?

          Sorry, right to work is hardly union busting and is hardly unique to the south. We all know your bigotry about the south, but please, until you can show that right to work has lead to economic decline where it has been enacted you have nothing. Well, nothing but your bigotry.

          In case you haven’t noticed, Governors being in the pocket of unions has not exactly lead to great economic performance here in Oregon. Quite the contrary, it has lead to PERS commitments that we will never be able to meet.

          But rant on Dean, rant on.

          • valley p

            Well, old Archie was an urban union guy. Other than that we have little in common. I suspect you have a lot more in common with him with respect to politics.

          • Steve Plunk

            Rupert makes the most important point about unions, government unions especially. The unholy alliance between those government unions and the government itself has led us to the eventual bankruptcy of the entire country starting with cities and moving to states. Those union contracts negotiated by soft politicians and hard nosed union bosses now have us with under funded pensions and no way to fund them. California was estimated to have an over $500 billion shortfall. Oregon’s is not as big but it will lead to reduced services and eventual default of some sort.

            I always hear the liberals and union members say “hey, we were promised that money”. True enough but this citizen has endured some broken promises made by the government as well. PERS has been known to be an unsustainable system for years yet it has not been reformed enough. The politicians knew it and the union members knew it. I see no moral authority in these contracts if both parties knew the disaster that would come and they both did. It was the general public left in the dark.

            The current union endorsements can be counted on keeping politicians in office who will continue this charade of promising more than can be delivered. The unions demand it and don’t care what it does to the rest of us. I say bust the unions since they are responsible for the present and coming financial storm.

          • retired UO science prof

            Bad news: it was the “general public” who elected the politicians. You can say the contracts don’t have any moral force. I would disagree, at least in part. But they do have legal force. The “general public” can’t just decide that the government it elected made a bad deal for them, and walk out.

            You say “bust the unions”. I wonder what you have in mind? Is anything being done, say in Medford, to bust, say, the teachers’ union? Are people there willing to take a strike? I know of few instances in Oregon of public agencies taking a strike. I can only think of Eugene and Lane County (transit district LTD) off the top of my head. Oh, yeah, the Oregon University System took a 1-week strike from SEIU years ago. I So we have Eugene schools, Lane County, and the public universities as exemplars of getting tough on the unions. Are these the bastions of conservatism?

          • valley p

            In Oregon the people voted ourselves two major tax cuts, voted to expand prisons, and voted to dedicate lottery funds to various causes. The elected government did not do those things. We did. So to blame state financial problems on elected officials and unions, and avoiding taking any of it on ourselves is shirking responsibility.

            Like in California we have used the initiative to pass no pain initiatives, tax cuts without spending cuts, and spending increases without tax increases.

          • retired UO science prof

            I don’t blame those initiatives for our budget problems, not very much. But you make the point that the “public” is not just a bunch of innocent, helpless victims. Through the initiative process, they made one attempt to “reform” public pensions, the aborted (by the courts) vote to screw the public workers out of the 6% “pickup”. There could have been other, smarter moves: put new hires into a different pension plan; watch the move with the PERS Board where they put in the 8% guaranteed return. Other possibilities, too esoteric to go into here, nobody would care. Our genius governors, legislators, press, initiative writers apparently were all too sleepy. With such representatives, perhaps we in the public deserve what we are getting. I mean what I wrote here, the public, not the public sector.

  • Dead Dog

    Let’s see what Dudley’s crew has to say:

    — Wayne Scott, Former House Majority Leader – Corrupt son of a bitch.
    — Oregon Business Association – Liberal idiots
    — Mayor Janet Taylor – Salem – Liberal
    — Fmr. Commissioner Larry Sowa – Clackamas County – Liberal
    — Fmr. Sheriff Bob Skipper – Multnomah County – Moron

    These are people, above, who want Oregon to continue to be dominated by Liberal Democrats. Screw Chris Dudley. He is nothing.

    • eagle eye

      I take it you don’t think much of Dudley. So who do you recommend?

      • Dead Dog

        Allen Alley or John Lim.

        And I’m willing to stick behind them.

    • valley p

      Larry Sowa is a liberal? Compared to what?

      Dudley seems like a nice guy with moderate politics, but shouldn’t he work his way up at least a small bit? The record of neophyte governors, like Jesse Ventura and the Arnold, is not all that great. He not only has never run anything, he has hardly bothered to vote. What would he do the day after?

      • Anonymous

        And let’s be accurate: Ventura was elected mayor before he ran for governor. Schwarzenegger built up a billion dollar personal investment portfolio before he ran for governor. And let’s remember Reagan: before running for governor he was actively involved in state and local politics and was nationally known as a GOP figure and campaigner. Dudley? Not in the same league. I wish he had run for something like Portland city council or, well, ANYTHING, back in 2006 and 2008 in order to build up a reputation and some practical experience.

        • valley p

          Good examples. Even Palin was a mayor first and later served on an important state commission. Dudley has done squat. Nice guy though.

          Put it this way, if you owned a business and had a job opening for a CEO to manage a multi-billion dollar budget, convince several dozen independent agents to agree on key strategies, AND represent your company to the world, would you hire someone with his credentials? If your answer is yes then you must have inherited the company from your rich parents.

          Case closed.

          • Rupert in Springfield

            >Put it this way, if you owned a business and had a job opening for a CEO to manage a multi-billion dollar budget, convince several dozen independent agents to agree on key strategies, AND represent your company to the world, would you hire someone with his credentials?

            This from a guy who voted for BO.


            Seriously – Do you ever think any of this through before posting it?

          • valley p

            Yes. In fact I anticipated your snark. By the time it came to voting for Obama over McCain, he had weathered the public eye for several years. He bested 8 rivals in the primary (I was initially for one of his rivals based on the experience issue.) He had been a state senator and us senator. He had written books. His ideas were well known.

            With all this there was a huge question over his ability to be a manager as opposed to merely a legislator. But given the choice was also a non manager who demonstrated only that he could not manage a campaign and had a very poor sense of choosing people for critical positions (see Palin, Sarah,) I think the wisest choice available was indeed Obama.

            And I have to say that so far I am pleasantly surprised at his management abilities.He picks smart, capable people, he delegates, he considers all options before deciding, and then he leads.He does not make decisions based on “his gut.” He is not casual about sending people off to be shot at. He can add and subtract big numbers.

            What do we know about Dudley? He is tall. He has diabetes. He was an over achiever on the basketball court. He seems like a decent fellow. Right now the choice is between voting for him to represent your party over 3 others who have public records. If he is the best you can come up with, then you have a problem. We report, you decide.

  • Anonymous

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