Mary Kremer gets AG endorsement

From Mary Kremer Campaign Press Release,

Lake Oswego, OR — AG-PAC, a coalition of natural resource advocates, has endorsed Mary Kremer in her effort to represent State Senate District 19. AG-PAC helps elect state legislators that believe natural resource communities are part of Oregon’s economic vitality.
“Oregon has some of the most abundant and diverse natural resources in the world,” said Kremer. “The opportunity to responsibly manage those resources for the long term economic well-being of Oregon is one of our greatest advantages over other states and nations. Protecting and nurturing the natural resources community means we can put more Oregon families back to work.”
Kremer sees the natural resources community as an important piece to accomplishing her number one priority: creating jobs for Oregonians. Diverse job opportunities are necessary if a diverse population is going to have the opportunity to succeed. Empowering the natural resources community is an important way to diversify the state’s economic foundation and provide new job opportunities for Oregonians. If Oregon is going to support it’s natural resource community, Kremer realizes that policy changes must take place.

“Hundreds of thousands of Oregon families are hurting because they can’t find work of any kind right now,” said Kremer. “By supporting and encouraging key sectors of our economy, like natural resources, we can give these families the opportunity to rejoin the workforce.”
For the last twenty years, Mary has been raising her kids, volunteering in the schools, serving on the boards of local charities, teaching high school students in the inner city and feeding our city’s homeless teenagers.

In 2009, Mary for the first time got involved in the legislative process when she took a job coordinating the parents of students who attend Oregon’s largest virtual school, Oregon Connections Academy Parent’s Association. The job put her in the middle of the most controversial issue of the 2009 session. This experience motivated her to get even more involved.

Twenty years ago, Mary Kremer was an investment banker in Chicago. As a Vice President at Salomon Brothers, she worked with state and local governments as well as consulted with pension funds. In order to focus on their family, she and her family moved to Oregon where Rob grew up.

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